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The Mansion’s Secret Halloween Soiree 2023 Launches – London’s Elusive Night of Mysteries

The secret architecturally distinguished venue in Central London will host DJs, mesmerizing performances, and immersive visual arts, with guests invited to delve into an evening of intrigue, elegance, and chilling entertainment

On October 28th, step into the enigmatic world of the Mansion in Central London, an architectural marvel, for an unforgettable Halloween soirée. This isn't just another party; it's an immersive journey into the realm of the senses. With a lineup of London's elite DJs like Amin Sane and Fabrizia, and enthralling acts like the enigmatic Praecantrix, the night promises an electrifying soundscape. Drenched in mystery until 48 hours before the event, attendees are summoned to wear their finest red Halloween attire as Daton's haunting visual artistry graces the walls, the Mansion's elusive charm promises a Halloween night that London won't soon forget.

A series of spectacular acts are poised to make the Mansion come alive. Centre stage in the Cage will be two mesmerizing dancers, while the mysterious Praecantrix is set to enchant with her witchy performance. For attendees curious about their futures, a tarot reader will be available for consultations. And for those wanting a transformation to fit the eerie night, a team of professional makeup artists stands ready.

The Mansion doesn't just cater to auditory senses but promises a visual treat as well. Daton, the acclaimed Visual Jockey, is prepared to astonish with a series of 3D and horror animations. In addition to this, guests can also immerse themselves in a specially curated exhibition of spine-chilling art paintings. DJ Amin Sane and DJ Paffy are gearing up to dominate the main dancefloor. Their musical range, spanning from pop to hip-hop, and infused with the unmistakable West End groove, promises to provide an electrifying atmosphere.

For those leaning towards electronic vibes, DJ Fabrizia will captivate the electro room with her latest house music selections. Adding depth to the musical experience, Tolik's saxophone harmonies will beautifully mesh with the pop tracks, while Paolo Forcellati will amplify the energy in the electro room with his djembe rhythms. The Mansion will take over an architecturally acclaimed venue, having clinched the Architect RIBA Sterling Prize.

Conveniently situated in Central London near Holborn station, it boasts two vibrant dancefloors, exclusive VIP areas, and tranquil spaces for those looking to socialize. The precise address remains shrouded in mystery, to be revealed to ticket holders 48 hours prior to the event. Upon entry, guests will be greeted with an enticing offer: their second drink is on the house if ordered before 10pm. For those seeking a bite, a selection of snacks will be readily available.

The evening's dress code demands attendees don a red Halloween fancy dress. Not only does it add to the eerie ambiance, but the most stunning costume of the night stands a chance to win a magnificent prize. The Mansion beckons all to experience a Halloween night like no other in London. Book now and be a part of the spectacle.

Address: Secret - Central London, near Holburn


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