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Supreme Court Verdict – NDML Press Statement

Following this morning’s (15th January 21) Supreme Court judgement announcement, NDML, alongside the NTIA are pleased with the result, which appears to confirm cover on a number of affected policies for our affected clients.

Whilst the judgement is a long and complex document where the devil truly will be in the detail, we’re confident that this is a good result and we’ll be digesting the verdict in detail.

There is however one clear success story from this judgement that is undoubtable.

We’re particularly thrilled at this outstanding result for our Hiscox clients for whom today’s judgement has ruled completely in their favour.

Huge thanks must be given to our customers, for trusting in us to achieve this result for them. As well as Michael Kill & The NTIA alongside Philip Kolvin QC who have worked tirelessly with us to make this result happen.

Thanks to this work, our Hiscox clients will now benefit from a full settlement of their claim, with no deductions or legal fees. Unlike many business who will see their settlement chipped away, the faith our customers have shown in us means every penny of these essential claims will go to exactly where they’re needed; supporting the survival of the businesses who are the lynchpin of our invaluable leisure & hospitality industry.

We were confident all along that we were destined for this great result, and it’s this faith that allowed NDML and our partners to fight for our clients free of charge, to support the people, businesses and industry we're so passionate about.

So huge thanks must go once again to our clients and the belief they placed in us, and we’re proud to now be able to provide them with 100% of the money they deserve.


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