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Smoking Gun Creates International Business Success

A DEVICE adding the wow factor to cocktails has taken the international market by storm, after being inspired by the childhood experience of blowing bubbles.

Flavour Blaster Pro, which creates a smoke filled fragrant bubble on the top of drinks, is now used by many of the world’s top bars and at celebrity parties, including at the Playboy Mansion.

And its now exported to more than 40 countries across the world, thanks to its use of innovative vapour technology.

Its success is the result of a collaboration between hospitality entrepreneur Colin Myers and manufacturing guru, Robert Flunder who came up with the initial concept to add some theatricality to the drinks experience.

Australian-born Colin, who previously worked in the bar and leisure industry in the UK, spent four years helping to develop the product which he describes as “an inner child gadget.”

And the resulting creation was down to his fascination with the concept of edible bubbles which would use authentic aromas rather than synthetic flavours.

“I’d always had a concept in my head about edible bubbles,” said Colin, who now runs his international company from a former printworks in Sunderland.

“And it started to develop when we the vaping craze started – we could see a way to use that kind of technology to develop something that would give the wow factor to the food and drink industry that it had never had before.”

Pic caption: Flavour Blaster creators, (left to right) Colin Myers and Robert Flunder

Once the Flavour Blaster Pro was released on to the market it became a huge hit, used in some of the world’s most prestigious watering holes as well being used by top chefs for a garnish with a difference on their dishes.

Clients include top chains such as The Alchemist use the Flavour Blaster, and it is also currently helping to create the immersive experience at Johnny Walker in Edinburgh.

Maybe Sammy in Australia, widely regarded as one of the top bars in the world, were among the first to use the Flavour Blaster since its launch four years ago and still find it a major attraction today.

The company also has a strong foothold in the international market, particularly in the USA where it can be found in venues in California, Florida and Las Vegas to name a few.

“The reception it has had since day one has been phenomenal,” said Colin.

“It’s a real showstopper which has had a huge impact.”

The company uses a leading company in New York to prepare its aromas, which are distilled from actual fruits, herbs and spices rather than being artificially produced.

The success of the Flavour Blaster Pro has been such that the company has now created a mini version for home use.

And it’s not stopping there. Now with a 15-strong staff plus a R & D team, a number of other products are also in development.

The company also recently launched the Flavour Blaster Mini – a smaller version from home use.

“Since day one the Flavour Blaster has just caught everyone’s imagination,” said Colin.

“It’s the ultimate in theatrical mixology.”

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