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Sheffield Startup Tickets for Good Finds the Solution to the Event Industry’s Biggest Headache

Promoting events has never been easy - the last three years have highlighted the many challenges facing venues and events of all types. The various waves of lockdowns from COVID19 restrictions and then uncertainty over Government guidance and general lack of confidence in event attendance produced an extremely tricky ticketing situation. 2022 has produced a new set of boundaries with the cost of living crisis and general economic downturn all impacting the events sector. These challenges are partnered with a pressing urgency to improve people’s mental wellbeing and a societal focus on inclusion in the arts.

The link between enjoying an event and mental wellbeing seems obvious and was highlighted by bespoke studies commissioned for Tickets for Good on an early project (The Ticket Bank) by LifePsychol LTD.

So what is the biggest headache faced by promoters?

With around 40% tickets of all event tickets going unused, Tickets for Good has found a unique solution for getting more people into an event, whilst ensuring the original ticket is not devalued, and helping promoters meet a desire or commitment to be more inclusive. The Tickets for Good model gives promoters and venues a secure platform with a large active membership of pre-verified NHS staff who are keen to attend events with a free or heavily reduced ticket cost.

Tickets for Good launched their NHS platform May 2021 and have gone on to sign-up more than 10% of the entire NHS workforce. Over 150,000 people have registered to the service and they have secured around 150,000 tickets leading to huge savings for people who are mostly on lower income brackets. This has also led to big economic benefits for the entertainment sector with an estimated £16.5 million spend* in local economies. Tickets for Good now has over 300 of the biggest live event promoters on board and continues to add new partners and new members every day.

‘I believe it’s vital we continue supporting the arts and this is a fantastic and affordable way to do so. It was such a treat to be able to have a night out with my Mum (also an NHS worker) and feel utterly appreciated’. - Tickets for Good service user - Sept 22

Backed by Bethnal Green Ventures and IE Music, Tickets for Good is currently actively seeking new investors to help amplify the work they do with an aim to expand into new beneficiaries and new geographic regions.

Stephen Rimmer - CEO and Founder of Tickets for Good said: "The last 18 months have been somewhat of a whirlwind for our company. When we first undertook the project there was a hope that our service would be well received but none of us predicted the explosive growth that has seen us expand into many different types of events and build a huge user base in such a short time. The testimonies of our users give our team the energy they need to keep on sourcing incredible tickets from across the UK. Big thanks to everyone who has helped us so far."

*Based on research conducted by Oxford Economics that showed 334% of additional spend in local economies for money spent on event tickets.


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