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Selvatiq Nomadic Drinks Appoints UK Distribution Partner

Selvatiq Nomadic Drinks, an innovative Italian beverage brand, is launching in the UK, bringing a range of products that are made with a nomadic and eco-friendly approach to conservation-conscious wild foraging.

The sustainable producer of ultra-premium gin, red gin, vermouth, and bitters has appointed CPG International Brand Development and its sales & distribution partner, Brand Central (UK) Ltd, to distribute the Selvatiq alcohol range in the UK on-trade and off-premise markets.

The limited-edition product range in the UK includes: Selvatiq Gin VTL 40% ABV (RRP £70); Selvatiq Red Gin MNC 38% ABV (RRP £70); Selvatiq Vermouth VTL 16% ABV (RRP £60); and Selvatiq Bitter VTL 25% ABV (RRP £60).

The company produces ultra-premium spirits and sodas that are 100% natural and distinctively differ from competitors due to the method of selecting the wild botanicals from which the drinks derive their unique flavours. With the aid of a foraging expert in Italy, Selvatiq selects wild plants with an extraordinary taste and fragrance, hand-harvesting only those that, as invasive species, might endanger the balance of local biodiversity in an area and which nature can spare.

This careful approach to gathering wild botanicals results in a harvest that is not only sustainable but a positive benefit to the indigenous flora of the area. Once the team has created one limited-edition batch, the nomadic company moves to another site so that nowhere suffers from over-foraging. It's a highly unusual business model and produces some extraordinary drinks. All botanicals, including juniper for the gin and wines for the vermouth, are local.

The packaging, too, is exceptional. Gin is bottled in 100% recycled glass with what is believed to be a unique, glue-free main label. A red strip of paper peels off to reveal a 100% recycled paper sheet that folds out as a map and a piece of artwork illustratively depicting the key botanicals. The label-free concept means that people are more likely to keep and reuse the elegant 500ml bottles. The design features a red stripe across the bottles. This represents the white and red signs marking trails through the mountains.

The Milan-based company is the brainchild of international entrepreneur Charles Lanthier. Three years ago, the idea for nomadic foraging to create ultra-premium alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages struck him.

Charles Lanthier says: "The idea grew from my ability as a disruptor in the spirits industry combined with my love of the great outdoors - a passion for mountain hiking and mountain sports. Three years ago, I began the business. I teamed up with Valeria Margherita Mosca, Company Master Forager, founder of the Wooding Lab specializing in wild edible plants and we began to select the first botanicals. We take only what nature can spare. Sustainability is a much over-used phrase in our sector, but this nomadic way of harvesting is truly eco-friendly, and our sustainable practices underpin all that we do - from the botanicals picked in the mountains, meadows, and forests through to the packaging.

"We launched in 2020, pitching our gin and vermouth to excited high-end restaurateurs. A week later, Italy was in lock-down due to Covid. We had to change our whole selling model. Now we are open for business to the hospitality trade once more and so the time is right to bring our very special range of products to the UK market, with the help of our newly appointed UK distribution partners."

The business employs 7 people. The company takes pride in providing taste experiences that are wild and unexpected.

All ingredients are entirely natural; all botanicals are wild; and all are locally sourced, even the juniper.

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