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Scottish Magic Shines a Northern Light on Holy Grass Vodka

Those who know the brand have always found Holy Grass Vodka rather bewitching. There's no other vodka quite like it.

Now the creators, Dunnet Bay Distillers, are launching a spell-binding campaign designed to raise awareness of this extraordinary, super-premium Scottish vodka whose hero botanical - fragrant, sweet, Holy Grass - was rediscovered growing on the banks of the Thurso River in Caithness in the 1850s. The co-founders of Dunnet Bay Distillers were inspired by this story and loved the flavour quality of this botanical and so decided to grow the plant in the distillery's own gardens.

This suited the sustainable ethos of Dunnet Bay Distillers who take pride in their use of home-grown and locally foraged coastal botanicals.

The theme of the new campaign is Scottish Magic. Reflective of the Northern Lights which can be viewed from the coast where the distillery is sited, the advertising created by Animo describes the magic that is brewing - or, rather, being distilled - under the Caithness sky at the UK's most northerly mainland distillery.

Holy Grass Vodka, which comes in original and coffee variants, is the sister brand of the Cool Brand, Rock Rose Gin. Both spirits have won multiple awards and are the creations of Claire Murray and Martin Murray, the husband-and-wife team behind the company.

Claire Murray, co-founder and co-director of Dunnet Bay Distillers, said: "For too long, Holy Grass Vodka has been one of Scotland's best kept secrets, known only to a select few, including members of our Refill Rewards Club. At Dunnet Bay Distillers, we are passionate about our ethical and eco-friendly ethos and the fact that Holy Grass Vodka is available not only in our gorgeous ceramic bottles but also in fully recyclable refill pouches is another reason for this vodka to appeal to even more people. We believe that #ScottishMagic truly captures what this brand has to offer."

Simon Culley from Animo said: "Simply put, it was Martin and Claire's boundless sense of curiosity, imagination and wit - all of which have been beautifully infused into the product - that inspired us.

"Holy Grass Vodka is genuinely a product of their passion, which is inextricably linked to the history, culture, and community spirit of Caithness, where they are based. To us, the link between them and ‘Scottish Magic' is quite an obvious one, really (and that's not to mention how this spirit affects the taste buds, which is quite magical too)."

The campaign, reveals how, for the uninitiated, Holy Grass Vodka unexpectedly delights and surprises the taste buds with every ingredient being "infused with Scottish magic". The advertising will run mainly via social media channels.

* RTD Cocktail: Holy Grass Vodka recently launched an RTD in a can - Holy Grass Vodka with Apple Tonic.

* Art: The company is launching a Holy Grass themed open art exhibition, with money from the artworks sold going to a local environmental charity as well as to the artists themselves. Works of art must be inspired by the botanical, Holy Grass, or by the botanist Robert Dick who rediscovered the plant growing in Caithness when it was thought to be extinct in the UK.


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