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Royal Mash Vodka Crowned 75 Times

Royal Mash Ultra-Premium Vintage Vodka has reached a milestone, having recently gained its 75th industry award.

The news comes just as the brand is listed by Fortnum & Mason in London and as it announces its continuing relationship with Harrods and its first entry into the USA.

Co-founder and director, Rachel de Caen, said: "We are truly thrilled to have received so many top accolades from Europe and from the USA in such a short space of time. We created the brand a few years' ago and only recently launched on the UK mainland. We are about to spread our reach into the USA. Ours is an exceptionally smooth and subtle vodka made from arguably the world's finest potatoes - Jersey Royals - and it is gratifying that so many professional tasters agree with us that this is a rather exceptional spirit."

The awards cover the UK, USA, and Asia and many are acclaimed international accolades.

Rachel de Caen added: "We are now inviting UK distributors to work with us to expand on the excellent work being carried out by our UK Brand Ambassador, Mike Jennings."

The full list of awards can be found here.


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