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Royal Mash Vintage Vodka Appoints UK Head of Sales

Royal Mash Ultra-Premium Vintage Vodka has announced the appointment of Mike Jennings, a distinguished Michelin-trained chef turned hospitality consultant as Head of Sales (UK) for the brand. He also runs The Hospitality Hut and is an expert in recipe development with an extensive network in high end venues across the UK.

Already, the brand has been listed by The Smithfield Social, which has 6 venues, and by Leven Hotel, a new boutique venue in Manchester.

Royal Mash Vodka is distinguished by the exclusive Jersey potatoes from which it is made. It is truly a ‘vintage’ vodka as it is made just once a year when the world’s finest potatoes – Jersey Royals – are harvested.

The vodka has been created by two people with a passion for fine foods and drinks: Rachel de Caen, a trained chef, and Peter Le Fol du Taillis. The Royal link originates both from the potatoes and the Royal connections of the Jersey-based owners. The Royal Mash logo depicting arrows and fleur de lys is the crest of the Le Fol family, who were ennobled by Henry IV in 1594.

Mike Jennings said: “I have known Rachel De Caen since we worked together as chefs. I admire the product enormously: for me, as a chef, this vodka stands out from the crowd. It’s a brand with which I’m proud to be associated. For bars, the ‘Royal’ connection makes for a premium margin on ultra-premium cocktails and with 2022 being the Queen’s Jubilee Year, interest in products with Royal connections will be heightened.”

Rachel de Caen said: “We are thrilled to have Mike on the team. His expertise and understanding of the needs of the on-trade are second to none.

“We set out to make the best vodka possible. We live on the beautiful island of Jersey which produces the only potatoes we know of to boast the equivalent of an ‘appellation d'origine contrôlée’ and the quality of the produce is reflected in this award-winning spirit. We are excited to bring the product to UK consumers.”

The brand is sustainable too: this vodka uses potatoes which are over- or under-sized and deemed unsuitable for the shop floor, and so the vodka production is a highly sustainable business, using potatoes that would otherwise need to be ploughed back into the land.

The combination of the finest of ingredients, brand owners with exquisite taste, an expert Master Distiller, and a distillation process that creates the purest spirit, has resulted in a superior and memorable vodka.

Royal Mash is a 40% ABV spirit, hand-crafted in bespoke 200 litre copper pot stills. The Master Distiller expertly removes the heads and the tails of the distillation, using only the purest part of the heart. The vodka is therefore distilled only once, and the finished spirit retains the character of the ingredients, thereby producing rather unusual vodka with a deliciously distinctive taste and smooth mouthfeel.

Each batch of Royal Mash is individually taste tested and signed off.

Royal Mash is so smooth and has a complexity that means it can be enjoyed neat, in a very dry vodka martini, or in cocktails.

Royal Mash Vodka is packaged in an elegant bottle, topped with a cork and is available in 5cl miniatures, 20cl and 70cl bottles.

In retail, the brand sells at an RRP of £36.50 plus VAT

It is currently listed by Harrods, Amazon, 365 Drinks, and Master of Malt, amongst others.

For UK trade sales contact


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