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Rock Rose Gin Releases New Cocktail Recipe – The Caithness Garden

Dunnet Bay Distillers, which produces Rock Rose Gin, has released a new cocktail recipe this month: The Caithness Garden. The cocktail is a celebration of Caithness, the region on the north coast of Scotland where the gin is made and where the distillery has its own garden growing botanicals that are used in the distillation process.

This new cocktail is an elegant addition to a cocktail menu and with its burst of summer flowers and raspberries is as beautiful to look at as it is delicious to taste.

It is made with Rock Rose Gin Citrus Coastal Edition, a soft and sweet gin with a delicious, citrussy, salted edge and a fresh finish.

Ingredients for Caithness Garden

50ml Rock Rose Gin Citrus Coastal Edition 25ml Lemon juice 25ml Chambord Raspberry Liqueur 25ml Hibiscus syrup 1 Egg white* Garnish: Edible flowers


Add all the ingredients to a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake well. Strain into a couple glass and decorate with mixed edible flowers.

*For a vegan version use aquafaba (about 30ml)

The gin is distilled using kelp, locally foraged by Shore Seaweed, which delivers an unusual umami note to the gin. The Coastal Edition's rounded profile is enhanced by the addition of lemon verbena picked from the Distillery's own garden. The lemon verbena is added to the distillation for the aromatic, bright citrus tang it brings to this rather delectable spirit. The taste profile is completed with a touch of liquorice salt, added after distillation, sourced from the Hebridean Mustard Company, to heighten the intriguing coastal tang.

Packaged in the distillery's iconic ceramic bottles, it features a coastal inspired label with a turquoise wax seal.

Tasting Notes for Rock Rose Gin Citrus Coastal Edition

Warm juniper notes giving way to bright lemon and verbena notes. On the palate expect fresh citrus balanced with oceanic umami flavour of kelp. To finish a hint of salinity comes through from the liquorice salt with further citrus notes.

Full list of Botanicals

The botanicals in this expression include:

· Italian Juniper

· Bulgarian Juniper

· Angelica

· Bilberries

· Rock rose root - locally foraged Rhodiola rosea

· Cinnamon

· Cassia

· Orange Peel

· Liquorice

· Orris

· Cardamom

· Water Mint

· Lemon Peel

· Kelp - from Shore Seaweed

· Lemon Verbena - from distillery garden

· Liquorice salt (added after distillation) - from Hebridean Mustard Company


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