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Rock Rose Gin Launches New Navy Strength Cocktail Recipe – The McRed Snapper

Gin is no longer just a summer serve and nor is it just for early evening. Dunnet Bay Distillers has just released its latest original cocktail recipe which is a variation on the traditional Bloody Mary, but with the extra strength of Rock Rose Navy Strength Gin.

Combine this fine spirit with some punch-packing ingredients to make a The McRed Snapper which is not only delicious but fun too as it's garnished with mini burgers so is very appealing for customers to show on social media.

The McRed Snapper is perfect for brunch or pre-lunch as well as an early evening or during the Big Match, when customers need something with bite that isn't merely a dish of crisps.

This gin is delicious and, despite its strength, has subtle taste notes. There is a strong warm pine release at the front of the drink with notes of lemon sherbet. The heart of the drink delivers very bold berry notes from blaeberries, rowan berries and hawthorn. These give way to the deeper earthier notes that are hidden in the original Rock Rose, including angelica and orris.

Ingredients for the Rock Rose McRed Snapper

50ml Rock Rose Navy Strength Gin

15ml Lemon juice

25g Dill pickles

250ml Chilled Tomato juice

Yellow American mustard, Tabasco sauce and Worcestershire Sauce to taste.



Blend the 25g of dill pickles with the tomato juice and lemon juice until completely smooth. Add ice to a highball glass. Pour in the gin, then add the tomato juice mixture and seasonings to suit your taste. Stir well.



Garnish with a mini beef or vegetarian burger, miniature burger buns, sliced pickle, melted cheese and a choice of sauces.


Rock Rose Navy Strength (57% ABV) is available direct from Dunnet Bay Distillers.

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