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Rational’s Live Online UK Events Showcase the New iCombi Pro

Interactive demonstrations let foodservice operators experience latest combi steamer technology ‘live’

Rational has launched new, interactive online events that allow foodservice operators to experience the company’s most advanced combi steamer, the iCombi Pro and discover how the cooking systems improve day-to-day kitchen operations. Rational Live online events are hosted by expert chefs who can be quizzed by attendees at any time during the session, to get specialist information and cooking solutions about particular needs and menus.  

Rational’s Live online programme is produced in the UK by Rational chefs and features fresh new UK-specific content. The events focus on the iCombi Pro’s advanced cooking intelligence, showing how it can enhance productivity, creativity, consistency and functionality.  The expert chefs show how the combi steamer’s advanced, interactive technologies work with the chef to deliver perfect cooking results. Typical dishes include full British breakfast, roasting joints and steamed teriyaki salmon with rice and vegetables.

“We’ve progressed from the original Live online events, which were targeted at a global audience, to developing UK-produced content specifically for our home-grown audience,” says Adam Knights, marketing director at Rational UK.  “We are working on an extensive programme of Live online events that will provide highly relevant specific sector content, specifically for UK foodservice operators.  We are constantly talking with, and listening to, our customers to ensure that the content we provide gives them the maximum benefits.” 

Each Rational Live online lasts about 45 minutes, including the Q&A session at the end. They are free to attend and can be booked at To find out more, talk to your Rational dealer or visit the Rational website. 


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