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Rational’s iDensityControl Delivers Outstanding Results and Consistency

20 or 200 fish fillets – identically cooked, every time, thanks to intelligent technology

iDensityControl from Rational: part of the new iCombi Pro combi steamer

The new Rational combi steamer, the iCombi Pro, has a remarkable feature called iDensityControl that ensures not only that food is cooked perfectly, but also consistently, every time.  It does this using intelligent sensors that monitor and recognise the conditions in the oven, making minute and precise adjustments, second by second, to the cooking climate – the balance of hot air and steam.  By combining intelligent controls and innovative technology, iDensityControl ensures that today’s fish fillet, or pizza, or steak, is prepared to the same consistent standard, regardless of who is operating the combi steamer. 

“These days, consistently high quality food is absolutely critical, in all sectors of the catering and foodservice industries,” says Simon Lohse, managing director of Rational UK“Customers have high expectations and advanced intelligent technology, like iDensityControl, is helping chefs meet these expectations.”  

iDensityControl exploits the iCombi Pro’s new airflow geometry and its advanced fans, which intelligently adapts the direction and speed of rotation, depending on the product, quantity and cooking status.  The fans ensure that airflow is optimised, so that heat is distributed evenly and quickly to every corner of the combi steamer. This in turn maximises production, since every inch of the combi’s oven can be used, speeding up cooking and ensuring the correct humidity.  Meanwhile the combi steamer’s powerful dehumidification system removes moisture from the oven, swiftly and effectively, to guarantee crispy crusts, crunchy breaded coatings and delicious flavours with grilled products.

Even with a large batch of frozen product the combination of the powerful airflow and active dehumidification ensures crispy, succulent foods.  The result is outstanding, uniform quality, across all the shelves, and high production rates – for example a 10-1/1 iCombi Pro can cook 80 fish fillets at once. 

The consistency provided by iDensityControl also helps to reduce food waste, because the quality is always delivered as expected.

iDensityControl creates the perfect cooking conditions for every food, even taking into account added variables such as the door opening or food not always being the same temperature when loaded.  These external influences can throw the cooking conditions out of balance, which is why the iDensityControl intelligent management is so vital. “The interaction of the combi steamer’s sensors, the fans, the flow-optimised cooking cabinet geometry and the dehumidification system re-establish the ideal climate, enabling the exceptional productivity and outstanding cooking results,” says Lohse. 

iDensityControl is standard on all Rational iCombi Pro combi steamers.  The iCombi Pro comes in a wide choice of sizes, from the XS, which holds six 2/3 GN shelves, to the 20-2/1, which has a capacity of 40 GN1/1 shelves.  Electric, gas and LPG models are available. 

For information and brochures, or to find out about free Rational Live online demonstrations call +44 (0)1582 480388, freephone 0800 389 2944 or visit


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