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Rational’s Back2Business Promotion To Help Hospitality Industry Recover

Back2Business: Rational offers operators a low-cost, six week iVario trial

"It's like having an extra assistant in the kitchen, helping boost business"

Rational has launched a Back2Business promotion that offers operators a low-cost way to help them get up and running in the next few months. For just £299 they can have an iVario intelligent cooking system installed and running in their kitchen for six weeks, backed by a tailor-made training and support package throughout the period. The iVario multifunctional cooking system can be used to boil, pan fry, deep fry, griddle and confit - all in one piece of equipment. By replacing fryers, bratt pans, kettles, large pots and pans and griddles, it creates extra space in the kitchen. The model offered in the Back2Business promotion is the iVario 2-XS. This compact cooking system consists of two pans each with a 2/3 GN base surface and a 17-litre capacity.

"As the world is ready to dine-out again, we want to help our customers boost their business opportunities as the predicted post-covid rush commences," says Simon Lohse, managing director of Rational UK. "Taking advantage of the Back2Business offer allows them to cope with the extra pressure in their kitchen. With our full support, customers will experience how easy it is to prepare their dishes with the new technology, whatever the skill base."

The six week trial comes with a tailor-made training and support package designed to the customer‘s requirements. Lohse says, "Rational professional chefs are ready to support kitchen teams during a busy service and to prove, in no uncertain terms, that the iVario 2-XS will enhance their business. Operators can rest-assured that, as an extra assistant, the iVario performs to the highest of standards, providing quality and consistent dishes, on time, every time."

What's more, as operators focus more on environment-friendly solutions, the iVario delivers a sustainable cooking system. The iVario's advanced heating technology delivers outstanding results and low energy consumption, compared to conventional cooking methods. The figures are impressive: up to 40 % lower energy consumption, and up to 70 % lower water consumption. In addition, its advanced features help maximise yield and minimise food waste.

The iVario can cook automatically, with no monitoring. It alerts staff if they need to do something, such as turn a steak over. The Autolift feature lowers pasta or vegetables into water, or fried foods into oil, at just the right time, and takes them out again when they are perfectly cooked. In other words, the iVario is a truly multifunctional cooking system that takes on lots of the tasks that would normally fall to members of the brigade, giving them the time to get on with other work.

Despite its size, the iVario 2-XS cooks incredibly accurately and up to four times more quickly than conventional appliances. This is due to its iVarioBoost intelligent energy management system, which carefully regulates the heat over the entire surface of each pan, and can sear 4.5kg of casserole meat in just six and a half minutes, including the preheating phase, or cook 70 hamburgers per hour, in each pan. Meanwhile the iVario's cooking intelligence, the iCookingSuite, detects the condition and size of the food and regulates the cooking path so that staff only need to intervene if the cooking system calls.

Rational is supplying the iVario 2-XS with a full package of accessories. They include the arm for the automatic raising and lowering function, boiling and deep-frying basket, spatula, pan base grid and sieve, so that perfect results can be achieved from the very first minute.

At the end of the six week trial the operator can either hand the iVario back, in which case their Rational dealer will remove it. Alternatively, they may choose to buy it by arrangement with the dealer, less the £299 already paid.

To find out more about the Back2Business promotion, contact your Rational regional sales manager, or email

The promotion runs from now until 30 September 2021.

For information and brochures, or to find out about free Rational Live online demonstrations, call +44 (0)1582 480388, freephone 0800 389 2944 or visit


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