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Rational Releases Software Upgrade To Make Older Systems More Sustainable

Active Green cleaner tabs can now be used on previous generation Rational combi steamers

With sustainability becoming a more and more critical issue, Rational has launched a free software update for its older combi steamers that allows them to be cleaned with its new, eco-friendly Active Green tabs.

Active Green are phosphorus- and phosphate-free cleaners that were developed for the new iCombi Pro. As well as using a more eco-friendly formulation, the amount of chemicals per clean is significantly reduced when Active Green is used in combination with the iCareSystem, the iCombi’s intelligent cleaning system.

Now Rational’s software upgrade allows users of its previous generation combi steamers, including the SelfCookingCenter, to benefit from these greener, more sustainable cleaning tabs. The software update can be downloaded direct from Rational’s ConnectedCooking platform, or it can be installed by a Rational representative or service partner via a USB flash drive. The Active Green tabs should only be used after the software update has been installed correctly.

In addition to environmental benefits, including the reduced consumption of chemicals, water and electricity per cleaning cycle, Active Green tabs are also safe to handle thanks to their clever packaging.

Another important benefit affects owners of multiple generations of the cooking systems. If iCombi, SelfCookingCenter or CombiMaster Plus cooking systems are operated in parallel in a kitchen, it will no longer be necessary to order and stock different types of cleaner. After the software update is installed, Active Green will work with all these generations of Rational cooking systems.

Active Green is suitable for all CombiMaster Plus models manufactured since May 2017, and with SelfCookingCenter combi steamers going right back to September 2011, once the update is installed.

“Rational cooking systems are built to last,” says Adam Knights, marketing director at Rational UK. “We want to make our older generation systems as sustainable as possible. Active Green will help make kitchens greener.”

For information and brochures, or to find out about free Rational Live online demonstrations, call +44 (0)1582 480388, freephone 0800 389 2944 or visit


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