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Rational Launches iVario Pro Live Online Programme

Experience the iVario: Rational launches new online events

Interactive demonstrations let foodservice operators experience latest technology ‘live’

Following the success of the interactive Live online events introducing the iCombi Pro combi-steamer, Rational has developed a similar programme covering the iVario Pro. This new event gives foodservice operators the chance to see how Rational’s multifunctional cooking system offers a modern, practical, energy efficient and time-saving solution to their hot food preparation requirements. Plus, how it produces outstanding cooking results. Of course, Rational is best known for combi steamers – the company invented the technology in 1976 and recently launched its latest range, the iCombi Pro. At this Live online event, attendees can find out about ‘the other’ Rational – the exciting and innovative iVario cooking system.

Rational’s iVario range is available in four different models, with a choice of one or two cooking pans. It can be used to boil, pan fry, deep fry, griddle, pressure cook and confit – in one space-saving unit. That’s how, in the Live online sessions, chefs can use the iVario to cook dishes as varied as deep fried fish and chips, beef bourguignon with mash potato, chicken stir fry, and chocolate mousse.

Rational’s Live online programme is produced in the UK by Rational chefs and focuses on UK-specific menus and operations. The events look at how the iVario Pro’s advanced functions can enhance the kitchen operation. For example, iZoneControl allows different foods to be cooked in the same pan at the same time but at different temperatures – the Live online events will show how to get the most out of this application, and the other iVario intelligent assistants.

Rational Live online events are hosted by expert chefs who can be quizzed by attendees at any time during the session, to get specialist information and cooking solutions about particular needs and menus.

“We started these Live online events at the beginning of the pandemic,” says Adam Knights, Marketing Director of Rational UK. “They allow us to let customers see and experience the equipment, safely from their own home or business. We’ve invested heavily in them, not only to ensure customers continue to have access to these types of events, even if they are in lockdown, but also because they are proving very popular. It’s become an even bigger project as we are developing dedicated market sector events to be launched online early next year.”

Each Rational Live online lasts about 45 minutes, including the Q&A session at the end. They are free to attend and can be booked at To find out more, talk to your Rational dealer or visit the Rational website.

For information and brochures, or to find out about free Rational Live online demonstrations, call +44 (0)1582 480388, freephone 0800 389 2944 or visit


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