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Rational asks: is this the ultimate Father’s Day steak?

Discover how the iCombi Pro and ConnectedCooking makes it simple to cook the best steak

In order to celebrate Father’s Day, Rational set its expert chefs a challenge: create the ultimate steak.

This is a highly contested question, but Rational’s chefs have unparalleled experience in preparing the world’s best food. “We are always setting challenges for ourselves,” says Theo Bostock, corporate chef at Rational. “Cooking a steak is something that requires skill and deep knowledge of the ingredient and the equipment you use.”

In Theo’s opinion, the steak of choice for Father’s Day has got to be the tomahawk, served with chips and a spicy Argentinian Chimichurri sauce.

This is a rib steak, French trimmed to leave the entire bone. Because it is based on the thickness of the rib bone it’s often very large, and can easily weigh over a kilogram. Which means it can easily feed two people, or one hungry dad. As it cooks, flavours from the bone and fat are released into the meat, leaving a moist, tender and tasty steak.

“The Tomahawk is often called the king of steaks,” says Theo. “The bone-in cut gives it a visual wow factor as well as amazing flavour.”

Rational’s iCombi Pro makes preparing this perfect steak simple. The recipe is available on Rational’s ConnectedCooking portal, allowing operators to download it and add it to their iCombi Pro’s recipes. Thanks to advanced sensors and the four intelligent assistants built into the iCombi Pro every step of the cooking process can be precisely controlled, guaranteeing perfect results whether one or one hundred steaks are being cooked.

This means chefs can serve up steaks with exactly the right amount of browning on the outside while ensuring the interior is done perfectly, full of moisture and flavour.

“For me, medium rare is the way it should be served,” says Theo. “But the iCookingSuite control system makes it simple to change the results according to requirements, which gives chefs enormous flexibility.”

To make the Chimichurri sauce, mix vinegar, 1 tsp. salt, garlic, and chili in a medium bowl and let stand for 10 minutes. Then, stir in cilantro, parsley, and oregano. Using a fork, whisk in oil. Finally, season with salt to taste.

The downloadable recipe also includes alerts that inform staff when they need to add the cherry tomatoes and mushrooms for the garnish. This result can even be changed during the cooking process if desired.

The Chimichurri Tomahawk steak meal is just one of the recipes available to download for immediate use on Rational’s ConnectedCooking site.

Father’s Day is on Sunday June 20 this year.

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