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Q&A With Scott Allis – Commercial Director at YourParkingSpace

We catch up with Scott Allis, Commercial Director at YourParkingSpace – the platform that connects drivers with over 700,000 privately owned and commercially operated parking spaces across the UK and Ireland, available to book on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis. Drivers can book parking in advance or find parking on‑demand through their website and mobile apps.

Q1 As always with our Q&A’s, it’s in at the deep end. Why should a venue choose to work with YourParkingSpace?

As with any high footfall location, venues experience high demand for parking, particularly at peak times such as events or holidays. Conversely, they’re also subject to quiet times, when parking spaces can be sat empty and underutilised but most venues do not have an adaptable parking system capable of capitalising on both scenarios.

By considering YourParkingSpace, landlords open the door to diversifying their parking provision. We can help them offer unused spaces to the wider public during the venue’s off-peak times, in turn enabling venue owners to tap into a new revenue source, maximising the profit potential.

Ultimately, our customers are at the heart of what we do – whether that be our drivers, or our private or commercial landlords. We understand how a negative parking experience can have a big impact on repeat custom, so our solutions are designed to be fit for purpose and create a seamless hassle‑free parking experience.

Q2 Is there flexibility to create a bespoke parking solution or is it one size fits all?

We know that all venues are different, from the location, to the size, down to the people that visit it. So, a tailored and individualised approach needs to be implemented to maximise financial return and ensure the best customer experience. This is where YourParkingSpace propriety technology comes in. Whether the venue calls for a cashless parking system or would benefit from installing traffic-flow barriers or simply the option for drivers to pre-book their surplus parking spots, we can offer pretty much anything.

As well as this, we’re proud to have a proposition that covers every aspect of parking management – from the initial planning all the way through to ongoing support and continued optimisation. Once a client starts working with us, the relationship is continually evolving. We want to ensure a solution is always fulfilling requirements and the changing needs of a venue’s parking infrastructure, from offering the latest tech to management advice for new locations.

Q3 Can you let us know some of the advantages and range of benefits for commercial landlords?

As a digital parking provider, we offer real-time data and analytics which allows landlords to understand their occupancy, usage patterns and customer behaviour. All of this is fed into an analytics dashboard which enables asset owners to make informed decisions about their car park, such as introducing dynamic pricing, which adjusts parking prices in line with trends and demand.

As well as this, once set up clients gain access to YourParkingSpace’s pre-book marketplace. This will offer underutilised parking spaces to an alternative online audience looking for parking in the area. These drivers will book their parking in advance via the YourParkingSpace platform and pay for the full duration of their parking prior to arrival. This helps landlords to reach a wider customer base beyond their traditional audience, maximising the revenue from their car park.

There are many more benefits that we can touch upon, such as our ANPR management systems for security and occupancy control, consolidated billing and payment models which help simplify the car parks transactions, and even our funded finance models which help to alleviate upfront capital expenditure from the landlord.

Scott Allis – Commercial Director at YourParkingSpace

Q4 Is there a cost to the Commercial Space Owner?

With any investment there is always a cost to upgrade infrastructure however we pride ourselves on offering the most flexible payment options to make it financially viable for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Typically, optimising the current system unlocks additional revenue which contributes to the overall upgrade!

Q5 You’re clearly at the forefront of your field and have partnered with some huge household names, from Tesco to Holiday Inn and even Bristol City Football Club, with pretty much everything and everyone in between! Will it be more of the same for you guys going forward or are there any developments on the horizon that you can let us in on?

As you can imagine there are a lot of exciting developments that I can’t mention yet… but a few things that I can! Every industry is being impacted by the push for greener solutions and parking is no different. YourParkingSpace is heavily involved in the role parking can play in moving the country towards a more sustainable future. We have plenty of exciting developments in the pipeline, namely an integrated park and charge system which would allow someone to pay for parking and EV charging in one transaction through our app, creating a seamless experience. Combining these services will accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and provide a sustainable alternative.

Q6 Let’s have a bit of fun with this one. If a client had a bottomless budget and wanted you to create a truly bespoke offering for them, what would that look like?

Great question! A slide from the top level of the car park or gold-plated signage..? In seriousness, and I don’t want to sound virtuous here, but a client doesn’t need a bottomless budget for their car park. We’re all about offering honest appraisals of the existing parking infrastructure (free of charge!) and recommending the most suitable solution for the car park, both financially and operationally.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how YourParkingSpace can help elevate the parking potential at your venue, simply scan the QR code or contact:


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