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Pink Marmalade Gin Launches Five Very Limited Edition Bottles for Crisis UK

This November, Pink Marmalade Gin is partnering with five up-and-coming artists from across the UK to create five hand-designed, very limited-edition bottles to raise funds for Crisis UK. The Artists involved are Georgie Sladen, Louisa Foley, Tommy Gurr, Anna Jaxe, and Annie Grainger.

This is a fundraiser with a twist. Pink Marmalade Gin's key brand values centre upon togetherness and community so, with this in mind, they will not be auctioning off these very-special bottles to the highest bidder, but instead will be running a raffle on JustGiving. Each ticket will be available to purchase from just £5.00 upwards. Don’t be fooled into thinking those with deep pockets will have more entries though, as regardless of whether a ticket is purchased for £2.50, £250 or £2,500, it will only count as one entry to ensure everyone has a chance of winning.

Each artist was given complete creative freedom when designing their bottle, and this is clear when you see the individuality of each creation, from the bright and vivid colours used by Louisa Foley to the dark representation of homelessness in the UK from Anna Jaxe.

Louis Jadwat, Co-Founder of Pink Marmalade Gin, comments: “Crisis is a charity we have wanted to work with for a long time, and for me personally is one that is close to my heart as my Mum has been volunteering in a Crisis charity shop in London for many years. We have a great respect for Crisis; they do invaluable work in the fight against homelessness which is for us a grave human rights issue that so often exists in the background of everyday life.

“With this campaign, we hope not only to raise funds but to increase the awareness of the inequality that exists all around us. Given the close link between alcoholism and homelessness, we feel it’s only right that as an alcohol brand we don’t hide from the issue but instead play an active role in giving something back. What’s more, the Coronavirus pandemic only serves to heighten not only the danger of being homeless, but also the threat of becoming homeless as we enter a period of great economic difficulty. We want to highlight the issue now in the hope to inspire others to involve themselves going forward.

“It was great to work with five hugely talented artists who have been able to bring this project to life in ways we couldn’t imagine. We hope those who can give generously will, and that this campaign will be our first step to an ongoing relationship with Crisis and together we can show beating homelessness is an attainable goal.”

The Pink Marmalade Gin Raffle will go live on Monday 2nd November, and finish on Monday 30th November, when five winners will be announced. Raffle tickets can be purchased here:

All proceeds from the raffle (including those that would normally cover the costs of the bottles and materials) will be donated to the Crisis Home for All campaign.


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