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New Sports Bar Launches in Leeds Just Before the World Cup

New York-inspired Brooklyn bar on Call Lane has undergone a makeover to transform it into a new sports bar in Leeds. With new screens installed across the venue, the bar will now be showcasing live sports all year round – whilst maintaining its late-night party atmosphere.

Brooklyn will showcase all the major sports games, including football, rugby, and boxing. The venue will stay true to its American theme – special homage is paid to the US sports calendar, with games and matches aired during end-of-season viewing parties.

Grant Dexter, Managing Director at Escapism Bars, said: “We want to spread the news that there is a new sports bar on the block in Leeds – and everyone is welcome!

“We are the number one destination for sports fans, bringing you the best in live sports from both sides of the Atlantic. We will be screening matches live from across the pond and sports closer to home: from basketball and PPV boxing events, to all the Premier League, Champions League and World Cup action.

“Don’t worry though, we are still a late-night party venue! We will keep our guests entertained until 3am.”

Georgia McNulty, Bar Manager at Brooklyn, said: “We are excited to provide the best viewing experience for upcoming matches, and of course the World Cup. Come visit us for truly delicious food, beer pong and a wide selection of drinks!”

Still serving a range of signature cocktails, draught beers and spirits, the bar announced earlier this month that The Badboy Bagel Co would be serving a menu of mouth-watering food from its venue.

To find out more about Brooklyn and make a group booking for the World Cup, visit the website here:


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