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New Face Mask Rules: Finding the Right Solutions and Some Reassurance for the Winter Ahead…

The Government’s latest announcement on compulsory face masks for sectors including hospitality and retail, will have undoubtedly left many businesses struggling for last minute solutions to meet the requirements by 24th September. Managers and workers across these sectors are now faced with having to comply with yet further new legislation on top of all their other Covid-19 challenges.

For many, disposable masks will be the first go-to option, but - in the long term - for hospitality and retail businesses, already under financial pressure, this may end up being an expensive option. Washable masks are an impractical solution for busy staff and organisations who may not have time to launder their masks on a daily basis.

As Duncan Gilmour, managing director of Screenworks for Bumpaa™, comments:

“Antiviral technology offers a unique, practical solution to the issues of cost, safe mask usage and laundering. At the start of the national lockdown we witnessed a large volume of sales, and we are expecting a repeat of this demand, as we approach the winter ahead.” 

The ViralOff® technology used in Bumpaa™ face coverings effectively reduces viruses and bacteria on the product by up to 99 per cent over two hours[1]. The treatment does not interfere with the skin’s natural bacterial flora and lasts for the product’s lifetime. 

The masks do not require frequent washing, though the treated product has been successfully tested to retain its properties through up to 15 domestic wash cycles[2]. This is especially helpful for busy workers, as they can re-use the mask without laundering, and the product is protected throughout the day from harbouring viruses or bacteria.

Gilmour continues: “We wanted to create lightweight, comfy and fully brandable face coverings with no design limitations. Instead of plain, or standard fabrics designs, they can be fully customised as uniform for staff in shops, bars or restaurants.”

Bumpaa masks can be produced very quickly, as the fabric is milled and treated with the ViralOff® treatment, decorated and packed in the UK. Clients can receive the goods in as little as three days, and reassurance centred around the antiviral theme.

[1] ISO 18184:2019, SARS-CoV-2, H3N2, H1N1

[2] Per ISO test ISO18184:2019, ATCC VR-1679 (H3N2). Slight deterioration in antiviral properties over two hours after 15 washes.


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