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Nando’s Accelerates Journey to Becoming a Multichannel Business Through Vita Mojo Partnership

The UK’s biggest restaurant brand Nando’s has completely transformed its customer ordering experience over the past year to the point that a staggering 85% of orders are now placed digitally at its restaurants, compared to zero pre-pandemic.

Through an innovative partnership with hospitality technology company Vita Mojo, Nando’s accelerated the roll out of its digital ordering experience and safely re-opened its restaurants with new contactless dining and ordering at 400+ locations in just 10 weeks last summer.

The new digital experience has been overwhelmingly welcomed by customers with 92% rating it as ‘great’, and is the foundation of a new multichannel, integrated approach to the global restaurant brand’s operations.

Customers visiting a Nando’s restaurant post-pandemic will notice a fresh new eat-in and ordering experience. They scan a QR code to join Nando’s new virtual queuing system which means no waiting around in crowds of people. Once seated, customers can order and pay at the table using their own device, with the digital experience consistent for Click and Collect orders and a single sign-on for all of Nando’s ordering channels including its app and loyalty programme. All this delivers a seamless brand experience for both customers and its staff.

Reg Meyer, Head of Technology Solutions, Nando’s UK & Ireland, said: “The speed of delivery wouldn’t have been possible without an agile approach and close collaboration with Vita Mojo throughout. We launched Order at Table quickly and tested and iterated in short cycles to refine the experience at an incredible speed. It’s remarkable that we were able to roll this out across all locations in such a short space of time without compromising on the quality of the experience.

“The pandemic has catalysed a positive change in the way we now operate and are thinking about the future. What we’ve achieved over the past 12 months with Vita Mojo is just the start of our journey towards becoming a truly multichannel business with an all-encompassing integrated approach. Our goal is to integrate the entire customer experience, so people only ever experience one Nando’s, regardless of which ordering channel they use.”

Successfully integrating with Nando’s long-standing loyalty programme was key to the success of the digitisation project. Loyal Nando’s customers can now earn rewards and collect ‘chilli points’ across Order at Table and Click and Collect channels.

Nick Popovici, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Vita Mojo, said: “Seamlessly integrating our digital ordering technology with Nando’s existing membership, loyalty and back-of-house systems was critical for the success of this project, to ensure a swift transition to smarter, digitally-enabled processes that are unlocking cost savings, streamlined operations and enhanced customer satisfaction for the global brand.”

Nando’s was one of the few leading branded restaurants in the UK which added sites in 2020, growing to 443 outlets, according to Lumina Intelligence’s Restaurant Report


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