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Must-Have Wines for the Summer – Impress Your Customers With Our Top Picks

Getting your venue summer-ready can be daunting, but offering your customers top-quality wines at affordable prices needn't be. At Bacchus Wines PLDC, we hand-pick wines that we know you'll love because we do. Our wines offer excellent quality without the fine-wine price tag.

We have excellent relationships with vineyards in Bordeaux and Champagne so that you can offer your customers something new, exciting and delicious. We're also here to help. Give us a call or send us an email. Our experienced team can discuss the options to update your wine list with your venue in mind.

So, what are the best wines for summer?

Summer evokes a whole plethora of emotions thanks to the warmer weather, longer days and general positivity the season conjures. Customers eating and drinking habits change accordingly, so when it comes to the perfect glass or bottle of wine, we have a few summertime wine tips.

Choose light-bodied wines

Light-bodied wines are perfect for summer because they are refreshing and easy to drink. Lighter wines are also moreish and perfect for vibrant bars and alfresco dining.

Our top choice is a light rosé, and the La Roseraie Bordeaux Rosé by Château de Parenchère won't disappoint. It's delicate and subtle and offers excellent freshness. Although light, the award-winning rosé offers floral aromas of hawthorn, lychee and rose and is so easy to drink!

Choose wines with high acidity.

High-acidity wines help to cut through the fat of summer foods, such as barbecue and grilled meats. The Bordeaux Blanc-Sec is a white wine with intense white and citrus fruit aromas. It is fresh and round on the palate and is expertly balanced. It's 'the perfect' white wine that's won many awards.

Choose wines with fruit nuances.

Fruity wines are perfect for summer because they are refreshing and enjoyable. Our top choice is Bordeaux Clairet, a particularly aromatic wine with deep red fruit. It is more substantial than traditional rosés, with a good body and exuberant fruitiness. Don't be fooled by the rich colour, as this fantastic rosé has a beautiful roundness and pronounced structure, making it a perfect wine for friends and food.

Choose affordable wines.

Longer days and lazy weekends mean that friends are out more enjoying life. Sales of alcoholic beverages, including wine, shoot up in the summer, so our best tip is to offer more affordable, quaffable wines. Here's why Bacchus Wines PLDC are the top independent wine merchant. Our wines are affordable and provide excellent markup potential for venues. In addition, we offer comprehensive customer service. We can arrange consultations and tasting for venues to get to know our wines, but we also offer trade accounts with substantial discounts.

Discover more about our must-have wines for the summer and reap the rewards of our Bacchus Wines PLDC trade accounts today!


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