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Mr. Tipsy’s Down the Hatch! – A Brand New Immersive Cocktail Experience

An immersive cocktail experience like never before - with a twist of theatre, a dash of party, and a garnish of good time - will open in London this summer in an all-encompassing multisensory night out. Cocktail loving adventurers sip their way through multiple themed bars from across the world, each dedicated to a different spirit and filled with interactive theatre, song, dance, visual surprises, and handcrafted cocktails - creating one legendary party.

Shaking and stirring its first drink on August 19th, Mr. Tipsy’s Down the Hatch! will open its doors for a one-of-a-kind cocktail experience in America Square, Tower Hill. Packed full of zany characters, side-splitting comedy and magnificent cocktails, this multi-room romp will take tipple-lovers on an imbibing journey full of laughs and surprises. Mr. Tipsy’s Down the Hatch! is a delightful Willy Wonka meets boozy Disney ride wrapped up inside a wildly creative themed bar. This refreshing post-lockdown thirst-quencher will mix audiences’ party spirit with - you guessed it - other spirits! With performances starting every ten minutes, intimate groups of up to 20 guests will embark on a 70-minute laughter-inducing tour through seven uniquely themed rooms bursting with excitement, silliness and photo-ready moments. During their imbibing tour ‘round the world, scripted scenes with live actors, video projections, music, song and dance provide entertainment whilst extraordinarily colourful characters, vivid costumes, brilliant sets and an array of audience interactions ensures a joyful night of care-free socialisation. Curated as an experience-first event with social media in mind, guests are welcome to snap selfies and pose with outlandish props while wearing wacky costumes and accessories providing a much needed relief of light-hearted silliness. Mr. Tipsy’s Down the Hatch! was created by Nick A. Olivero, the creative force behind the San Francisco Roarin’ 1920s smash hit The Speakeasy. Olivero now sets his eyes on London with his new show, Mr. Tipsy’s Down the Hatch! aiming to reunite friends around a night mixing theatre and cocktail drinking. Nick A. Olivero, creator and lead producer of Mr. Tipsy’s Down the Hatch! says: ‘Mr. Tipsy’s sprung from my passion of fine spirits and meaningful social interactions. It blends theatre with multiple themed bars and is crafted specifically for post-lockdown groups looking to reconnect with friends in a fun, safe environment. I think it is going to put a lot of smiles on people’s faces and we can’t wait for the spectacle to begin!’ Each guest is greeted with one ‘mini pour’ or tipple every time they enter a new themed room and bar - the equivalent of two complimentary cocktails throughout their journey. Visitors will have the opportunity to sample an array of drinks in incredible settings - including a frozen margarita on the white sandy beaches of Mexico, a gin martini in a 1920s speakeasy, a Moscow mule in a frozen Siberia ice bar or a straight shot of bourbon in a Wild West saloon. The adventure begins at The Holiday Bar; a whimsical lobby lounge serving as box office and reception inspired by a unique pastiche of all the holidays, get-togethers and world celebrations that were missed over the last year of lockdown - from Valentine’s Day, Birthday parties, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah to New Year’s Eve and Pride - all combined and fantastically decorated with a riot of light, neon colour and décor. The Holiday Bar provides a magical escape, is open to non-ticket holders and includes a signature menu with over-the-top theatrical cocktails available for purchase. Guests are encouraged to arrive in costume 15 minutes before their timed entry during which time they can interact with quirky characters, play games, take selfies and order drinks at The Holiday Bar. With booking options for birthday parties, friends, stag and hen do’s or a full office reunion, Mr. Tipsy’s Down the Hatch! is the ultimate return to the party. Tickets are available now from £39.50 (includes experience and cocktails) at

One America Square, London EC3N 2LS - Tower Hill Soft launch: 19th August 2021 | Opening: 9th September 2021 Tickets available now from £39.50


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