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Moskovskaya Vodka Calls for Peace With a Special Limited Edition

To continue its support for the people of Ukraine, the Moskovskaya Vodka brand and its owner, the global beverage company Amber Beverage Group, have launched a limited edition of the product in all three Baltic countries whereby 100% of the profits will be donated to support Ukrainian people.

The initiative is part of the Group’s call for peace and freedom following the Russian Federation's invasion of Ukraine. This bottle label will feature the message calling for peace and freedom. The profit from more than 80 thousand bottles sold will be donated to the trusted charitable initiative "Stand With Ukraine!".

"During the course of this week, this limited edition will make its way onto the shelves of the largest retail chains and smaller stores in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia," said Jekaterina Stuģe, the CEO of Amber Beverage Group.

"Moskovskaya is one of the world's oldest and most-admired vodkas, produced in Latvia, using only EU ingredients. Production involves using high quality raw materials, triple distillation and filtration through coal and quartz sand. It is crafted by the leading producer of alcoholic beverages in the Baltic States, Latvijas balzams,” said Jekaterina Stuģe.

Instead of the usual brand name, the limited-edition bottles will bear a new name, ‘Mosko Vodka’, while the back label includes a QR code that offers consumers the opportunity to read more about the company's and the brand's support for the people of Ukraine and invite them to take part in further support.

"Within the first days following the invasion of Ukraine, our Group expressed solidarity with the people of Ukraine and gave financial support via a trusted charity. Military action in Ukraine is unacceptable to us, and our aim is continue offering support to our close neighbours and the people affected," concluded Jekaterina Stuģe.

Moskovskaya Vodka is produced in Latvia, a member state of the European Union and NATO. All materials required for production are obtained only from the countries of the European Union, including alcohol, bottles, labels and other materials.

Amber Beverage Group (ABG) is a rapidly-growing spirits company with products found in millions of households worldwide. ABG is a leading beverage manufacturer, distributor, logistics supplier and retailer with more than 1,400 brands worldwide. The company has evolved from its original manufacturing business, founded in 1900, to a global player in the alcoholic beverage industry, with around 2,000 employees in nearly 20 companies.


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