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Monterey Jack’s Lists Moskovskaya Vodka As Its ‘House Pour’ Through Amber Beverage UK

Amber Beverage UK (ABUK) has secured a listing with the prestigious bar and restaurant group, Monterey Jack's, a group of 10 venues throughout Scotland, that has chosen to list Moskovskaya Vodka as its house pour across the estate from 1 October 2023.

Moskovskaya Vodka (38% ABV) is wholly owned by Amber Beverage Group and represented in the UK by Amber Beverage UK. A top heritage brand, crafted in Riga, Latvia, Moskovskaya uses 100% European ingredients and packaging materials. The liquid benefits from over 100 years of vodka making tradition, made to an authentic, original recipe which results in an exceptionally smooth and versatile spirit that is perfect as a base for cocktails. This is a premium, high-quality vodka with a price comparable to standard vodka.

The Director of Food & Beverage for Monterey Jack's is Naomi Dunkley, the winner of the 2019 Master Bartender Championship at the Scottish Entertainment Awards. Led by her, Monterey Jack's Group is currently developing its Autumn/Winter cocktail list.

Naomi Dunkley said: "We have worked with Grant Cunningham of Amber Beverage UK for many years, and, when he introduced us to Moskovskaya, we were very impressed. We were seeking a new vodka for our house pour and reviewed several options. Moskovskaya is a clean, crisp, and smooth product. When we tested it in combination with other ingredients, it balanced really well. Not all vodkas perform in this way; some dominate, whilst others can be lost amidst the additional ingredients. We also love the brand image. Quite simply, the taste beat the competitors. We think this vodka has legs."

The Monterey Jack's Group venues serve some 40 original cocktails, of which 15% are vodka-based, and these are, according to Naomi Dunkley, "exceptionally popular". The Group prides itself on never serving predictable classics but on creating exciting, original recipes. Cocktails are a core part of the offering.

The Group also has plans to open outlets across the UK and is actively seeking franchisees to help expand the fast-growing brand. Already, there are plans for a London venue, with other cities expected to follow in England and across the UK.

Grant Cunningham, Scotland Sales Manager for Amber Beverage UK, said: "We are delighted that the Monterey Jack's team have selected Moskovskaya Vodka - often referred to simply as ‘M' Vodka' - as the house pour for this vibrant and fast-expanding Group. As more consumers embrace authentic, traditionally crafted spirits, we are delighted that we have signed yet another prestigious Scottish hospitality group to embrace our brand. It is now viewed as an exciting and credible vodka to list." This is a great win for Mosko Vodka in Scotland, particularly in the wake of other recent wins, such as Scotsman Hospitality Group.

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