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Make Your Festive Menu Sparkle With Kwai Feh Lychee Liqueur Plus Champagne

If you are looking for enticing, original, celebratory drinks to serve for the festive season Kwai Feh Lychee Liqueur has come up with some delicious champagne cocktails. Kwai Feh is the astonishingly different drink that captures the taste of fresh lychee fruits and will deliver to guests cocktails with a touch of exoticism.

In the UK, Kwai Feh is distributed by Amber Beverage UK (ABUK). Tina Connolly, Senior Brand Manager of ABUK, said: "Kwai Feh is a new discovery for many and is a liqueur that really earns its place on the back bar: in addition to these cocktails,it's great as an after-dinner drink, served slightly chilled. or served simply with lemonade - perfect for those consumers looking for something different but low in alcohol.

"Unlike some quirky cocktail ingredients that cost a fortune and only lend themselves to one serve, Kwai Feh is something you'll be able to incorporate into numerous season cocktails and a drink that the chef will be able to use in exotic fruit salads or to pour over ices."

The two cocktails use sparkling rosé Champagne.

First up is the Fujian Royale. Easy to make and stunning in taste and appearance, this could just become your venue's new signature cocktail for celebrations.

Next on the menu, is the Lychee Champagne Dessert Cocktail which tastes as glorious as it looks as it is adorned with ice-cream in a sea of bubbles. This looks fiendishly impressive; and yet is simple to assemble in a busy bar or kitchen.

Fujian Royale Recipe

Glassware: Champagne Flute


35mls of Stoli Rasberi

20mls of Kwai Feh Lychee

1 dash of Absinthe (La Fee)

Dry Champagne (Rosé Champagne is ideal)

Garnish: 1 Grapefruit Twist


Stir all the liquid ingredients (except the Champagne) over ice, then strain into a flute. Top with Champagne. Garnish with the grapefruit twist.

The Lychee Champagne Dessert Cocktail

Glassware: Champagne Coupette


10mls Luxardo Sour Cherry Gin

20mls Kwai Feh Lychee Liquor

10mls fresh grapefruit Juice

Dry Champagne (Rosé Champagne is ideal)

1 tablespoon of cherry gelato

Optional garnish: Luxardo Maraschino cherries


Flash shake all ingredients (except the Champagne & gelato) with ice, then strain into a coupette, add the cherry gelato and then top up with Champagne (this should be poured over the gelato to create an almost bubble bath like appearance). Serve with a spoon and a straw.

This contemporary liqueur is low in alcohol (20% ABV) is made by the liqueur experts, De Kuyper, renowned for Cherry Heering and other delicious classics.

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