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London’s Most Sustainable Espresso Martini Pop Up @ Buck Street Market

Glass Coffee and Buck Street Market launch London’s first ‘most sustainable Espresso Martini’. 

The credible tipple will be popping up on Buck Street Markets pink terrace (and the largest in Camden) for one weekend only during Sustainable September. 

The most sustainable Espresso Martini is made by Glass Coffee - with the beans traceable back to the farms and farmers they were sourced from, Discarded Cascara Vermouth - a sweet vermouth infused with cascara, the often-discarded fruit of the coffee berry, and 42 Below Vodka - vodka made at 42 degrees below the equator in New Zealand. They will be served in 100% compostable tasting cups by Japanese brand, Wasara Choko. A flight of three Espresso Martinis will be served, using three types of coffee sourced from three ethical farms; Sítio Santa Rita, Forquilha do Rio and Pha Yar Gyi Kone. Served in fully compostable cups, the bar has been crafted out of upcycled palettes and guests will have a two hour session in which to try a flight of three (£20) or individually for £7 a cocktail - with 10% of all sales going directly into the pockets of the farmers.

The collaborators with sustainability at the heart: 

  • Glass Coffee is a radically transparent coffee shop, an ethical, sustainable coffee brand that is honest about where it sources it’s ingredients and is committed to reducing its environmental footprint. 

  • Discarded Spirits is a circular brand that creatively reuses the byproduct of another mass consumed item, coffee and the cascara fruit left over from harvesting, to make a totally new and innovative product.

  • 42Below is made using a four column distillation process from GM-free wheat, made at 42 degrees below the equator in New Zealand.

  • Wasara Choko is a range of disposable tableware, embracing the Japanese values of hospitality and courtesy – not just towards other people, but also the environment. The fully compostable tableware is made from fast-growing, sustainable bamboo, and bagasse – a by-product of extracting the juice from sugar cane that is usually wasted.

  • Buck Street Market is the UKs first eco-conscious consumer market, home to 80+ food, drink and retail traders, all committed to sustainability and eco-conscious practices and products, setting a new standard for eating, drinking and shopping in London.

Buck Street Market has laid a new foundation for markets and destinations in London by building a regenerative business model that raises ethical standards. Buck Street Market puts the responsibility of preservation in the hands of itself and its traders in order to make sustainability the easy choice for consumers to make. The market is made of recycled shipping containers, all food waste is composted to generate energy fed back into the main grid, supplying the entire market with electricity. Additionally, each trader commits to a zero single-use plastic policy and uses biodegradable packaging to prevent plastic pollution, protecting the environment and setting a high standard to follow.

£7 Sustainable Espresso Martinis by Glass Coffee Book a two hour time slot via Eventbrite or walk in on the day Saturday 26th (12pm - 10pm) & Sunday 27th (12pm - 8pm) September 2020


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