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London’s First Dedicated Foosball Bar Opens Today

Stocked with championship foosball tables, drinks, pizza and private areas for socially distanced amusement.

‘Foosball Club’ is the new hub for all things table football related, launching today on 30th September the new venture will be the first of its kind to hit the streets of London with its closest rivals only having two tables. Featuring four championship grade tables with custom lighting they set the gold standard for anyone looking to have an exciting catch up with friends over a quick game, or those looking to take things up a level with a (not so) friendly tournament. The bar is fully stocked providing plenty of social lubricants to keep things light-hearted with everyone’s favourites tipples while the food will come in the circular cheese form, pizza. Beyond the foosball, there are three retro arcade machines each hosting 80 games each for some added amusement. During the difficult times of COVID, bookings come with a dedicated seating area for four people with each privately booked zone hosting up to six people. Booking slots start at a two-hour time slot coming in at £30.

The décor of the space is all things foosball related, for the serious players there will be a chance to learn moves and trick shots via the wall-mounted screens. For the amateur looking for fun, it will be a fascinating dive into the world of professional foosball and the skill required to get there. The space has a light-hearted atmosphere with the opportunity to get serious if desired. Founder of Foosball Club, JP Thompson says "It's great to finally give London a professional setup of foosball for everyone to enjoy. We wanted to capture all the fun and talent of the professionals and put it into a venue where all of London can enjoy. We stock more table footballs in one place than anywhere else in town and hope that people have fun using them" Food comes in that perfect circular oven-baked goodness. Cooked fresh in the pizza oven the homegrown pizzas come in all the usual formats. Highlights easily include Cotto ham, wild mushrooms, mozzarella and Pomodoro. Another fan favourite would be the fennel sausage, caramelised red onion, spinach, mozzarella and Pomodoro. For added convenience, a pizza and craft beer can be pre-ordered online for £12.50.

Given the current situation with COVID, Foosball Club have put extra precaution into the format. All bookable areas are over two metres apart giving people the chance to relax whilst playing while all coins needed to use the machines are pre-sealed and washed after each use. All areas will be sanitized after each use and food/drink orders can be done through a dedicated app. Foosball Club has been created by JP Thompson who’s been the curator of the London Table Football Championship since 2008. His aim is to share the world of pro foosball to the masses across the capital. The concept behind the Foosball Club is to allow fans and friends to play in the same conditions as an international tournament with the comfort of food and drinks.


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