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London-Based Kebab Restaurant Launches Fire Pit Dining Experience at Farm in Mill Hill

Whilst restaurants across the country have started to reopen, they are limited by their existing premises as to what they can serve up outside.

But that didn’t stop, Skewd Kitchen, London, where they re-invent the traditional when it comes to kebab cuisine. They have come up with a novel way to circumnavigate the current Covid restrictions for eating out and it’s all above board.

The restaurant has taken its multi award-winning Anatolian cooking style even further back to its roots, with the launch of Skewd at Belmont, which involves food being cooked on an open firepit using charcoal alongside wood from the trees at the farm in Mill Hill, London.

Skewd at Belmont, is an outdoor dining pop-up like no other and will be in place until September. The venue can cater for up to 100 in a marquee with seating for a further 50 diners outside. It has also enabled the business to take on 25 new staff, including five apprentices.

Maz Demir, Executive Chef and Owner of Skewd Kitchen, and the newly launched Skewd at Belmont, comments: “We have missed our customers being able to dine with us, so much over the last year, so, we have brought the Skewd experience outdoors to the beautiful Belmont Farm in Mill Hill. We are really going back to our roots, cooking over open firepits in the traditional way. The idea is to create a warm, family feel with a touch of luxury in the midst of the stunning natural beauty of the British countryside.”

Skewd at Belmont will be offering well-known Skewd dishes, cooked traditionally amid natural stunning views of the British countryside and rolling hills.

Maz Demir has also recently joined the Kebab Alliance, the UK body that represents the kebab industry. Demir comments: “It’s important for the kebab industry and the hospitality sector as a whole that it has a representative body, particularly during such challenging times, so we can all support each other, as we rebuild and re-open.”

Ibrahim Dogus, founder of the British Kebab Awards and Chair of the Kebab Alliance comments: “The hospitality sector has gone through a hellish time – probably the worse amongst all industries – during the last 12 months and it’s great to see examples such as Skewd making a comeback in such an innovative way to continue serving up kebab culinary delights to their customers.

“The kebab industry has like the rest of the food service industry been on its knees with the impact of the different lockdowns, staff returning overseas to where they live, high rent costs and increasing meat prices.”

“The Great British public has missed going out to eat and, with new restrictions being lifted, it’s going to be crucial that they support the sector when it is due to completely reopen in May and vote with their mouths to get behind initiatives, like those that Skewd are launching."

Dogus added: “Their support also needs to be matched by the Government and I am leading a campaign calling for the current reduced VAT rate of 5% in the hospitality sector to be extended until this time next year, rather than ending in September 2021, which is the current proposal. The industry needs every bit of help to get it back on its feet so that it can once again be a thriving sector contributing significant amounts of money to the economy.”

Skewd at Belmont is currently allowing bookings for tables of up to six people and customers can bring their own choice of wine, with only a small corkage fee. Free car parking is available at Belmont Farm, The Ridgeway, London NW7 1QT.

Feel free to call to book now on 020 8449 7771 or visit for more detail.

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