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Lolly Wins Restaurant & Bar Tech Innovation Award

- Hospitality specialist wins Tech Product of the Year -

At the recent Restaurant & Bar Tech Live (RBTL) event, the hospitality technology specialist, Lolly, was awarded with the show’s Innovation Award for the Tech Product of the Year. The RBTL Innovation Award celebrates transformative technologies that are revolutionising the future of the industry.

Lolly demonstrated its latest products, which the judges were impressed with – especially its AI facial recognition system LollyVerify. This new tool helps hospitality providers automate the process of verifying a customer’s age. LollyVerify identifies the age of an individual who wants to purchase a product and recommends an age check if the individual is younger than the age required to purchase an age-restricted product (such as alcohol).

The judges also got to meet with the LollyBot, Fergus, which is now part of Lolly’s digital product portfolio. The robot waiter, launched following many months of development, has been designed primarily to support waiting staff in a busy hospitality environment. The LollyBot can operate for a whole evening, taking food from the kitchen to tables in a restaurant, navigating obstacles and people on its journey.

Peter Moore, CEO at Lolly, said: “It was great to demonstrate the new Lolly products to the RBTL judges, and we are thrilled to have won the award. Innovation is at the very heart of what we do. We are constantly working closely alongside our diverse client base, developing the perfect portfolio to meet market demand and support hospitality providers as their needs, and those of the industry, evolve.

“The LollyVerify and LollyBot robot waiter were well received at the show, confirming our movement towards underpinning our product portfolio with AI-based tools.”

The RBTL judges commented on Lolly’s win, saying, “The Tech Product of the Year award is a celebration of the products which have improved the efficiency, productivity and profitability of businesses through transformative technologies that are revolutionising the future of the industry and Lolly certainly ticks all of these boxes”.


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