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Leven Manchester Lists Royal Mash Vintage Vodka

Royal Mash Ultra-Premium Vintage Vodka has gained its first hotel listing in England. Manchester's hottest new hotel, LEVEN Manchester in the city's vibrant Village neighbourhood, prides itself on the quality of its cocktails. Royal Mash has been named as the venue's favourite choice for a martini.

Kris Doyle, General Manager, LEVEN Manchester, said: "The opportunity to work with the guys at Royal Mash is great for us! We love that they've made their Vodka using products local to them: it really gives their ultra-premium vodka a unique flavour. It's now our go-to vodka for a top-quality classic Martini with a "Royal" twist.

"Here at the LEVEN Manchester lobby bar we've been developing a brand new menu, carefully crafting some of Manchester's finest new cocktails with our team. We're proud to partner with drinks brands who share our ethos of quality craftsmanship."

Later this year a vast 1,700sq ft subterranean cocktail bar and a stunning 4,000 sq ft restaurant will be opened offering even more opportunities for enjoying a Royal Mash cocktail. The hotel is housed within a grand Victorian building that was formerly a warehouse.

The recently appointed UK Head of Sales for Royal Mash, Mike Jennings, said: "We are thrilled to be listed by such a prestigious venue. As a Michelin-trained chef myself, I recognise superb quality when I see it and the collaboration between LEVEN Manchester and Royal Mash is a natural one. Both pride themselves on the quality of their offerings."

Royal Mash Vodka is distinguished by the exclusive Jersey potatoes from which it is made. It is truly a ‘vintage' vodka as it is made just once a year when the world's finest potatoes - Jersey Royals - are harvested.

The vodka has been created by two people with a passion for fine foods and drinks: Rachel de Caen, who, like Mike Jennings, is also a trained chef, and Peter Le Fol du Taillis. The Royal link originates both from the potatoes and the Royal connections of the Jersey-based owners. The Royal Mash logo depicting arrows and fleur de lys is the crest of the Le Fol family, who were ennobled by Henry IV in 1594.

The brand is sustainable as this vodka uses potatoes which are not suitable for retail sales, and so the vodka production uses potatoes that would otherwise go to waste.

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