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Latest Rational iVario Cooking System Sets Kitchen Ergonomics Benchmark

iVario’s intelligent ergonomics make kitchens safer and more efficient

- Rational’s multifunctional cooking system also offers height adjustment, at the touch of a button -

The iVario is Rational’s latest multifunctional cooking system and it’s designed to set a new standard in commercial kitchen ergonomics, by minimising lifting, avoiding incorrect posture and bending, and protecting the operator from burns.

Working at the wrong height is one of the most common causes of back pain in the kitchen. The new iVario solves the issue with a height adjustment button, which alters the working height by up to 200mm in just a few seconds. It’s a first in the market place for this category of equipment and it can even be used securely while the iVario is cooking. It means that chefs of all shapes and sizes can work with the iVario comfortably and safely.

Another key cause of back pain is lifting heavy pots. Again, the iVario overcomes this problem with a variety of functions. When food such as casserole or soup is cooked in the pan, it can be poured out, without lifting, using the easy empty function. The operator simply touches a button and the iVario pan tips the contents into a container. As well as protecting chef’s back, the system also prevents spillage.

Similarly, when deep frying or boiling, the iVario has an automatic lifting and lowering function that lowers food into the pan when the correct temperature is reached, and lifts it out again when the food is cooked.

Burns are a common hazard in the kitchen. However, the iVario only heats the pan base, so the pan’s edges keep cool, staying safe to touch and thus protecting the operator. Meanwhile the pan’s rounded corners prevent injuries caused by cutting or impact.

Cleaning can be another back-breaking job, but not with the iVario. It’s precise, automatic temperature controls mean even tricky recipes like milk puddings never stick or burn – so the pans are easy to clean, especially for customers specifying the optional hand shower: a simple rinse and wipe down and the iVario is ready for the next cooking process. During washing, the pan can be tilted towards the user so they can reach into the last corner without bending.

“The iVario’s intelligent ergonomics highlight the attention that Rational pays to operator safety,” says Graham Kille, technical sales director of Rational UK. “By making the cooking systems easier and more comfortable to work on, the design also helps staff optimise their efficiency and minimise errors. Working safely and without stress means less downtime and greater productivity – and it raises worker motivation, by making life just a little bit more pleasant!”

There are four models in Rational’s iVario range. The iVario Pro 2-S has two 25 litre pans, the Pro L has a single 100 litre pan and the Pro XL a single 150 litre pan. In addition Rational offers the iVario 2-XS, a smaller unit that has two 17-litre pans.

For information and brochures, or to find out about free Rational Live online demonstrations, call +44 (0)1582 480388, freephone 0800 389 2944 or visit


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