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Latest Rational iCombi Smoker Gives Precise Control of ‘Smokiness’

Smoking meat, fish and vegetables is popular and has become a feature of hotel, restaurant and bar menus in recent years.  It’s also popular with butchers and delis.  Rational has developed the VarioSmoker for its new iCombi Pro combi steamer.  The new version allows chefs to precisely control the ‘smokiness’ of the food – so chefs can be sure the dish is just how they want it.  Fish, meat and vegetables can all be smoked using the VarioSmoker to deliver mouth-watering intensity, aroma and flavour. 

The VarioSmoker is a plug and play unit – the smoker box connects directly to the iCombi Pro technology via a USB interface.  Simply fill the box with the chosen smoking materials, such as pellets or wood chips, put it inside the iCombi Pro, plug in the power cord and the USB cable, and use the combi’s iCookingSuite to intelligently control the smoking and cooking process. 

Once the VarioSmoker has been connected, cooking and smoking alternatives are displayed in the control panel, so the chef can select their preferred results.  The intensity and flavour can be adjusted, depending on the pre-smoking steps the chef chooses.  Once the choices are made, the intelligent iCookingSuite controls everything, delivering the desired smoking results. 

Using a combi steamer to smoke food is widespread but comes at a price: the need to clean the oven out thoroughly afterwards, to ensure the next batch of food being cooked isn’t tainted by the residual smoke.  Rational has this covered with its iCareSystem, the intelligent cleaning program that can remove all traces of even the most intense smoking smells, in as little as 12 minutes. 

The VarioSmoker comprises the smoker box with power supply cable, a power supply unit, the USB connection cable, and a storage bracket that can be fixed to the side of the iCombi Pro to store all the components.  The bracket is adjustable, so it can be fitted at the best height to be as handy as possible for staff. 

The new VarioSmoker unit can also be used in manual mode with earlier Rational combi steamers, going back to 1997.

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