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La Fée Launches New Format

La Fée announces the launch of an innovative new 20cl format of their flagship La Fée Parisienne. Not just a smaller bottle size, La Fée have brought innovation to the category with a detachable 12 page cocktail book integrated into the label. The book not only serves up the history of the category and the origins of La Fée, but offers education on how to drink absinthe, from the classic sugar and water, through to modern twists on cocktail classics.

La Fée has long been the pioneer of the Absinthe category since founder George Rowley fought to resurrect Absinthe in 1998. Since then, the team at La Fée have worked with Marie-Claude Delahaye of the French Absinthe Museum to restore Absinthe to its rightful place as a cornerstone of the cocktail world. 2020 is no different with the launch of the innovative new 20cl format of the flagship La Fée Parisienne.

To further drive education, La Fée has teamed up with Difford’s Guide to bring education to the fore. As well as the innovative cocktail book, the new 20cl bottle features a QR code, which directs consumers to where they will find a further 180 La Fée cocktails to recreate at home.

La Fée 20cl has produced a ‘Triangle of Knowledge’:

1. 20cl bottle with unique label booklet design and pop up pourer

2. Bespoke QR code on the booklet leading to the 180 cocktails with La Fée, referenced on Difford’s Guide here.

3. Supported by the new hardback ‘Difford’s Guide to Cocktails’ #15 Edition

La Fée founder George Rowley states “Absinthe has been synonymous with cocktail culture since the very beginning, and with our new 20cl we are giving bars the chance to bring Absinthe from the back of the bar, to the front of the bar without the need for bartenders to decant into smaller bottles. We also recognised that as at-home consumption of cocktails continues to grow, we wanted to give the consumer an affordable, but authentic absinthe offering, as well as a way to educate the consumers through our tear off cocktail book and easy link off pack to Difford’s Guide to Cocktails”

In addition to the innovative label design, the new 20cl bottle design also features an integrated pop-up pourer.

La Fée Parisienne 20cl has a RRP of £14.50 for a 20cl bottle, comes in a 6 pack counter display box, it will be available nationwide via UK distributor Cellar Trends.

visit  or follow La Fée on:

Instagram @realabsinthe / Facebook @realabsinthe / Twitter @realabsinth


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