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Jägermeister Supports UK On-Trade With 5,000 Football Themed Pos Kits

Mast-Jaegermeister UK is distributing 5,000 football themed sales kits to pubs and bars across the country in effort to support its on-trade partners when hosting consumers for big games including the month-long football tournament beginning 11th June.

The Jägermeister-branded kits include specialty country-based labels for 70cl bottles of Jägermeister for the June tournament as well as football themed posters highlighting the brand’s perfect serve — an ice cold shot, chilled to -18 C — beer mats with a placeholder for a shot glass and a paddle for serving socially distanced shots. The kits will also include a 15-second digital asset with the message ‘the perfect shot’, which is accompanied by the image of a football being kicked into a goal.

Football matches pose a great opportunity for operators to drive consistent footfall and in turn sales as the UK on-trade continues to reopen. On average, consumers buy 3.1 shots in a purchase at the bar, which helps drive that incremental serve, and Jägermeister is the UK’s favourite shot brand.

Mast-Jaegermeister UK Trade Marketing Manager, Ben Errington, says: “Football is a huge part of England’s culture and matches are often viewed down at the pub with a group of friends. After many months of having shut doors, we want to provide pubs, bars and restaurants with the support and tools they need to create a great atmosphere for enjoying football. The items in the kit are bold and have clear messaging around the shot occasion to help drive that incremental serve, helping operators generate cash flow.”

Jägermeister is best served as an ice cold shot, chilled to -18 C and poured into a frozen, green, branded shot glass. Prost!


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