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CardsSafe Ltd. Teams Up with Bacchus Wines (PLDC)

CardsSafe Ltd. is pleased to announce a new partnership with wine broker and aficionado Pierre-Loup DeCam, founder of Bacchus Wines (PLDC).

CardsSafe and Pierre-Loup are thrilled to be working together to bring the joyful wines of Parenchère in eastern Bordeaux to independent restaurants, pubs and bars in the UK.

For all the negatives the last two years have brought the hospitality industry, a lot of good has blossomed from visionary individuals in the field. In 2019, after decades of business together, an idea struck. Could CardsSafe and Pierre-Loup's wine brokerage business, Bacchus Wines (PLDC), based in Hampshire, collaborate in a way to benefit their mutual customers?

The answer was, yes, they can!

"I am thrilled at the prospect of a great potential synergy for the expansion of the business by working in collaboration with CardsSafe," explains Pierre-Loup.

Pierre-Loup DeCam, founder of Bacchus Wines (PLDC)

How it all began

Pierre-Loup and Trond Rornes, Director of CardsSafe, met years back when Pierre-Loup was the landlord of a 500-year-old pub in Surrey. CardsSafe was first installed in the iconic public house in 2008, with additional units added quickly. He and his team saw immediately the benefits of the CardsSafe system, which handled their customers' bank cards safely, eliminating all fraud and increasing spend via food and drinks tabs by more than 20%.

About the Wines

Bacchus Wines (PLDC) offer beautiful wines to private clients and independent outlets. Pierre-Loup DeCam's mission is to continue bringing the wines of the Parenchère, in eastern Bordeaux, among a few other appellations, to the UK market.

The majority of the wines hail from the globally award-winning Château de Parenchère. Although the Chateau dates back to 1570 and has a long and well-established history in viticulture, the estate now spans 188 hectares (463 acres), of which 169 acres are dedicated to vines.

Raphael Gazaniol renovated the Chateau in 1958 on his return from Morocco. Later it was further developed by his son Jean. Pierre-Loup's family also moved back from Morocco to the area, in the 1960s, and the teen boys grew up together. Lifelong friends, Pierre-Loup and Jean, have been close in business and life for over 50 years, the relationship based on respect, trust and the love of good wine.

Jean Gazaniol, Creator of the fine wines of Ch. De Parenchère explains, “Pierre-Loup and I have been blessed with a friendship that has lasted for over half a century. We both worked in agriculture, and I, particularly in the development of Château de Parenchère with my father, Raphael, whom I took over in 1970. This love for the land and the terroir naturally strengthened our ties. And what has always pleased me about Pierre Loup’s approach to wine is that he has always been interested in WINE in itself apart from any consideration of classification, notoriety or fashion.”

The soil in this region is chalky/clay, with the vineyard specifically planted on hillsides. The average age of the vines is 25 years, and older vines are more than 50 years old. The grape varieties vary according to the style of wine, and the average annual production is 400,000 bottles.

There are six signature wines: The ‘Classique’ red Château de Parenchère, the prestigious ‘Cuvée Raphaël, the Bordeaux Clairet, the ‘La Roseraie’ ‘Bordeaux Rose’, the Bordeaux ‘Blanc Sec’, the cuvée ‘Esprit de Parenchère’ and the 2020 vintage: ‘L’Équilibriste’.

Château de Parenchère aims to obtain a well-balanced wine with a firm density and elegant and mellow tannins. They also seek to produce an elegantly wooded wine, with a present yet discreet oak ('Cuvee Raphael' and 'Esprit de Parenchère'), that leaves plenty of room for expressing red fruit and spices aromas.

Trond Rornes, Director of CardsSafe, says, "I am convinced that all CardsSafe customers will come to appreciate the Parenchère wines that Bacchus Wines (PLDC),is going to bring to the UK market via its energetic representative Pierre-Loup."

CardsSafe and Pierre-Loup look forward to their partnership to offer UK restaurants, independent pubs and bars the opportunity to provide their customers with the fantastic Chateau de Parenchère wines from the Bordeaux region.

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