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Further Rise in Footfall As Restrictions Ease and Indoor Hospitality Returns

  • Nationwide hospitality footfall recovered to 39% of pre-covid footfall

  • London footfall has recovered most compared to other major cities

  • Glasgow only city to experience drop as hospitality remains closed in Scotland

  • Consistent levels of footfall throughout the week, with lunch the busiest time

The latest data from Wireless Social, the leading connectivity solutions provider helping operators find, attract and retain more guests, suggests that the hospitality industry is continuing on its road to recovery, as footfall rose by a further 4% following the opening of indoor trading from 17 to 23 May.

Over the past week, nationwide hospitality footfall recovered by 39% of levels seen in February 2020 pre-pandemic. Meanwhile, despite experiencing a less significant increase from the period of 17 to 23 May, London has recovered most overall, compared with other major cities, with footfall at 44% of pre-covid levels. Contrastingly, Glasgow, with its hospitality venues still closed experienced a drop of 5% compared to the week prior and it’s footfall is currently at 25% of pre-covid levels.

The data demonstrates consumers’ enthusiasm to return to the on-trade, with footfall remaining consistent each day throughout the week. The most popular time of day, with 40% of the overall footfall, was during lunch trading sessions, with dinner and breakfast seeing 30% each.

The data also reveals that men continue to make up the majority of guests at a total of 55% compared to 42% for women. Additionally, younger age groups are still dominating, making up 38% of visitors.

Julian Ross, CEO and founder of Wireless Social, said: “The data shows that consumers are eagerly returning to visit hospitality venues and haven’t been focusing on the weekend as we may have seen more often pre-pandemic. However, this data also highlights the stranglehold restrictions are still putting the sector under. The fact that nationwide footfall in the sector is still below 40% of our pre-covid average shows, that despite images of full restaurants and pubs in the papers, there is still a long road to recovery. It’s vitally important that all restrictions are dropped on 21st June, so we can see the sector flourish and operate freely and in viable conditions.”

The Wireless Social Footfall Tracker is one of many new products available to customers as part of its re-branded product suite. The Tracker provides in-depth analysis on footfall, including a regional and demographic breakdown. The Tracker is free for all existing Wireless Social customers that have signed up to the Presence tool, but is also available for non-Wireless Social customers.

As part of its continued support on the on-trade, Wireless Social has partnered with Fourth and OrderBee and is hosting a FREE webinar on Wednesday 26th May at 2pm to give operators a holistic view of the first weeks of trading since reopening on 12 April, exploring topics such as footfall, dwell times, visit frequency, labour, furlough, buying behaviour, spend per head and much more.

To find out more and to register your FREE place, please visit:


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