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Flower Burger To Launch Its Much Awaited & Super-Tantalising ‘Ocean Burger’

Europe’s original rainbow vegan burger restaurant offers a complete range of plant-based flavours to match all palates

Flower Burger, known for its range of delectable vegan burgers in rainbow colours, has launched its tantalising, much-awaited, and special edition ‘Ocean’ Burger. The beautiful blue bun is artfully created with spirulina, topped with sesame seeds, and comes with a succulent mushroom patty slathered in truffle mayo, guacamole, packed with spiralised carrots and marinated red cabbage for that crunchy and creamy freshness.

Standing true to their ethos of caring for the environment and the communities they operate in, Flower burger is also working with ‘Let It Trees’, a not-for-profit Italian organisation, to preserve up to 1 million square-metres of the Amazon rainforest with each burger sold. The Amazon Forest currently loses over 10,000 square kilometres of forest land every year to deforestation, fires, land grabbing, and pollution therefore taking away from one of the world’s most unique and ‘giving’ ecosystems.

On the launch of the ‘Ocean’ burger, Flower Burger’s Founder and Managing Director Matteo Toto commented: “We are always looking to add fresh new and inspiring items to our wide range of exceptional tasting vegan burgers. Ocean burger is yet another special addition to our artsy menu. We are confident that the offering will receive a resounding response just like we have with our other burgers. Apart from the burgers being easy on the eye, our hope with the brand is to offer a year-round season of summer to all our customers along with 100% organic, fresh, and amazing burgers that customers will always remember us for.”

The Italian plant-based burger concept has grown to over 23 locations in a short period across France, Italy, the Netherlands, US, and more recently the UK. Mapping their footprint in London, the vegan fast-food eatery launched their first store in the heart of Fitzrovia on the iconic Charlotte Street in 2021 with multi-brand F&B operator Gerry’s Group. The Group plans to develop the brand across the UK with plans to open 45 venues over the course of 10 years. After the widely successful opening of its first UK store in London, the brand quickly opened another store in Brighton in December 2021. Flower Burger now has branches across Amsterdam, London, Los Angeles, Marseille, and Milan with many others in the pipeline.

Its venues across the world reflect playful kaleidoscopic graphics and exude warmth and cheerful vibes. One of the biggest reasons for Flower Burger’s rapid growth, apart from its unique, colourful, and mouth-watering offerings, is that it is a 100% natural and plant-based fast-food concept. The buns come in a variety of popping colours that range from turmeric’s vivid yellow colour to the violet tones of the cherry and the purple of black carrot extract.

Burgers can be paired with a wide selection of sides including Potato Wedges, Edamame, and Patatas Bravas. Vegan desserts are also on the menu featuring the Coco-nuts, a raw vegan dessert made with a creamy coconut heart between nut grains in espresso coffee, cocoa roasted hazel nuts and a vegan chocolate glaze and Chocolate Salami, made with dark chocolate, soy milk, and whole wheat biscuits with oat flakes. The buns and patties are produced in-house from fresh and wholesome ingredients using fresh vegetables, cereals, legumes and without the use of chemical additives and aromas.

Brighton Address: 62 North Street, Brighton BN1 1RH

London Address: 43 Charlotte Street, London W1T 1RS


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