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Firestarters: A Virtual Festival of Conversation This March (Raising Money for Rethink & UK Youth)

Online Firestarters Festival Offers Wealth of Expert Insight into the Music Industry With Much More To Come on the URfeed app.

The Firestarters Festival has already prompted hours of fascinating debate and offered expert insight into a range of key topics in its first two weeks, and there is much more to come throughout the rest of March at Unlike Zoom or a standard webinar URfeed’s innovative discussion format allows the audience to talk to the panelists and create new micro discussions together. “A two way Ted Talk” Robert Elms, BBC

The topics under the microscope from now until the end of March include Connecting Through Dance, Gender Equality, Breaking the Class Ceiling, Turning Your Passion into a Job and much more around Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the last week of the program.

URfeed’s interactive virtual festival and knowledge exchange allows the audience to talk to panelists in this unique two way exchange. There have already been some unmissable discussions on topics such as Celebrating International Women's Day, Resilience and Coping Strategies for Mental Health, Bringing Up the Next Generation of Women in Music, Tips For Making Music at Home, Homemade Management, How to Get Played on the Radio, Marketing & Self-Promotion For Musicians, Breaking the Music Scene, How To Get Signed by a Record label, The Future of Festivals, How to Start a Digital Record label, 1-2-1 Ableton, Breaking into Journalism, the Importance of Marketing in Music and much more.

All of these two way discussions have been hosted by some of the music industry's key players such as Broadwick Director Mark Newton, Data Transmission founder Grahame Farmer, MC Skibadee, Mint Club resident Bobby O'Donnell, National Radio DJ Sarah Story, Music Business Consultant Rebecca Jolly, DJ Mag’s Declan McGlynn, MC Skibadee, Tristan Hunt of AFEM, Futurebound (Viper Recordings), Labelworx, Charlotte Cijffers of Dazed, journalist and editor Sean Griffiths and many more.

This online gathering is focussed on igniting a million conversations and raising money for leading mental health charity Rethink Mental Illness and UK Youth. Firestarters takes place on URfeed, a video conversation platform that provides a place for groups of people to connect for ‘face to face’ conversation and its unique video messaging system lets people take part in multiple group conversations, without the need to have everyone online at the same time. People can drop in, watch what others are saying and ask questions or say their piece when it's convenient for them.

Everyone can get involved with this free virtual event. Simply sign up - for free - at to benefit from all the fantastic future discussions that are lined-up.


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