Dining Outside Just Got Warmer, Drier & More Stylish Thanks to the New Astreea Igloos

Utilise the space you have to ensure when it’s time to reopen you are ready!

Although, we continue to battle lockdown rules and tier changes meaning the hub of the UK is constantly under threat, the Astreea Igloos are here to help your business extend when you can open. Having somewhere warm and dry for customers to eat outside will entice visitors to choose your venue over others. Don’t let mediocre and uninviting outdoor seating areas stop you from getting cash in the door. The hospitality industry is at the centre of the UK’s love for socialising and we want to see it staying open safely.

The Igloos from Astreea are the new way to dine outside while also keeping cover from the winter weather. The problem of keeping to the lockdown and tier system rules while also operating your business during the colder months has now been solved! The Astreea Igloo is a weatherproof bubble for up to 6 people designed for outside use to protect your customers from the elements.

The Astreea Igloo isn’t just any ordinary outdoor cover, made in a European aircraft factory the frame is made entirely from aerospace aluminium, meaning its built to last. It can be bolted to the floor or can be weighed down to withstand strong weather conditions.

But this doesn’t mean the Astreea Igloo compromises on style. Transparent PVC and Philips lighting make the igloo a cosy, dry, and a fun environment to spend time with loved ones. The inviting nature of the igloo will make your venue a place people want to visit and dine. Assembly is extremely simple and can be carried out by 2 people in less than an hour and is as simple as build, plug and go!

Learn more by emailing info@astreeauk.co.uk, visiting astreeauk.co.uk or calling 03302200671

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