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Delirium & Revelry: New Bar Set To Bring Music, Cocktails, and Good Vibes to New Briggate

New Briggate has welcomed brand-new independent bar, Delirium and Revelry.

Delirium & Revelry is now open, promising the people of Leeds inventive cocktails, eclectic music, and vintage-inspired interiors with a modern spin.

The bar is located at the Grand Arcade, just next door to Brotherhood and on the doorstep of many of the city’s most unique independent watering holes.

The project is the brainchild of Lydia Phillips and Andy Hedley, who between them have over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Having both enjoyed success in management roles for a variety of different bars across Leeds, Newcastle, and Durham, they decided to join forces to create their own brand and Delirium & Revelry was born.

Jungle theme

The bar is located in the space previously occupied by Hardy's and has been completely reinvented in line with the vision the pair have for the brand. The bar has adopted a jungle theme that includes animal light fittings with Edison bulbs, and suede booths in an attractive shade of turquoise and upcycled furniture.

A small private VIP room on the first floor can accommodate up to 10 guests and features a secret sliding bookshelf. The bar also has a large second floor, which Lydia and Andy plan to transform into a speakeasy bar complete with retro arcade machines at a later date.

The music policy at Delirium & Revelry will be eclectic, ranging from hip hop during the day, to disco house, garage, and techno as the night progresses. The bar is licensed to serve alcohol until 3am on weekends and closes at 4am.

Spirit and mixer pairings

The bar’s extensive drinks list will include craft lager and ales from some of Yorkshire’s best-loved indie breweries. The menu will also showcase a range of premium spirit and mixer pairings, encouraging customers to discover new combinations they’ve never tried before.

This includes Diablesse Coconut and Hibiscus with Three Cents Cherry Soda, Cucielo Blanco Vermouth with Fevertree White Grape and Apricot, and Slydog Spiced Rum and Artisan Amalfi Lime tonic.

The recently launched Yorkshire-based tequila brand Hacien will also feature heavily on the pairing menu, with Hacien Tequila and Artisan Smokey cola, and Hacien Pineapple Tequila and Artisan Ginger Ale just two options.

Bespoke collection

A bespoke collection of cocktails includes some creative concoctions, spanning tequila, whiskey, gin and vodka.

Hero cocktails include the Bon Bon Sour, which blends the seductive sweetness of bon bon infused vodka and lemon juice with blood tonic infused with nettle and rosehip, served up in a goblet glass.

The Ruby Revival comes served in a lightbulb glass and mixes rhubarb and grapefruit gin with Italicus, Campari and rhubarb bitters, whilst the Flight Milk arrives in a carton glass and fuses peanut butter whisky with coffee infused vodka and half and half creating a smooth and creamy tipple.

Don’t Be a Pr*ck is served in a cactus glass and blends coconut tequila with Midori liqueur, lime, and Ting - guaranteed to spike your mood.

Warm Northern vibe

Co-founder and manager Lydia Phillips said: ‘’I first fell in love with Leeds about 7 years ago when I came here for university and was blown away by the nightlife. There’s a decent bar on almost every corner of the city, with a warm Northern vibe and a host of familiar and friendly faces.’

‘’Having worked both behind the bar and later behind the scenes, I feel I’ve got a good eye for what works and what doesn’t. My business partner and friend Andy is a local lad who’s had similar experiences to myself, and we just decided the time had come to give it a shot ourselves.’’

‘’Delirium & Revelry has been a real passion project for both of us, and we’re confident we’ve created a space that’s truly unique, whilst at the same time complementing the existing bars in the Merrion Street area.’’

‘’As small independent ourselves, it’s important that we support each other, as well as other local breweries and businesses. Sustainability is also high on our agenda, and we’ve tried to integrate this into building the brand, by using upcycled furniture and recyclable bar accessories wherever we can. We’ve had a lot of late nights getting ready for launch and can’t wait to welcome our first guests to the bar’’

Address – 52 New Briggate, Leeds, LS1 6NU

Website –


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