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CPG and Brand Central Scoop Purity Swedish Spirits in UK Distribution Deal

Mathias Tönnesson, CEO and the Master Blender of Purity

Purity Gins and Vodkas are to become available nationwide in the UK. The ‘Spirits of Sweden' distiller, Purity, has announced the appointment of CPG International Brand Development Ltd and its sales & distribution partner, Brand Central (UK) Ltd, to distribute the range of Purity Gins and Purity Vodkas in the UK on-trade and off-premise markets.

Mathias Tönnesson, CEO and the Master Blender behind the multi-award-winning Purity brand works alongside Master Distiller, Stefan Magnusson. They describe Purity as a ‘taste distillery'.

Mathias has worked for a decade to refine the art of distillation and along the way has introduced new methods to this very old craft. All ingredients used are organic, including the base alcohol resulting in Purity Vodka becoming one of the first vodkas in the world to achieve Certified Organic classification.

The juxtaposition of old and new runs through everything the company does. Its location is historic as the distillery is based in the 13th century estate of Ellinge Castle in southern Sweden. Techniques are very new as is the packaging in which these fine spirits are bottled. The bottles are designed to resemble a perfectly cut diamond or a Scandinavian ice sculpture and nod to ‘the perfect cut' made by the Master Distiller when he ‘cuts' the heads and tails of the distillation to leave the pure heart of the liquid. The logo reflects the Danish crown, a further pointer to history as Danish Royalty once owned southern Sweden, where the company is located.

The small-batch, hand-crafted gins and the vodkas are distinguished by numbers: Purity Vodka 17, 34, or 51; similarly, the vodkas the distillation process is noted in the brand range names. The numbers refer to the number of times distillation takes place. Purity distils the heart of the organic spirits 17 times, 34 times, and 51 times to make spirits that are exceptionally smooth and brimming with flavour.

The gin is available in 3 different styles, each with a distinctive flavour profile: Organic Old Tom Gin - which uses organic cane sugar to introduce warmth as well as sweetness; Organic Nordic Dry Gin - with notes of coriander, basil and thyme; and Organic Navy Strength Gin - distinguished on the bottle by a blue flag which is the signal seafaring flag for the letter ‘M' in the Royal Navy, a nod to the creator, Mathias. This gin has been awarded the highest accolade possible by the ISC.

The vodka collection comprises Connoisseur 51 Reserve Vodka; Signature 34 Edition Vodka - the most popular product in the range; and Estate 17 Edition vodka. Purity 34 has won 150 awards including Gold accolades in the international Vodka Masters.

Purity Spritz (30% ABV) is flavoured vodka with notes of bergamot, grapefruit and orange.

Mathias, who originally trained as a chef and who remains a passionate home cook, feels that quality comes from expertise, fine ingredients, a passion for and understanding of flavours, and patience. These spirits are created slowly; very slowly. He says, "We distil flavours. We create our spirit very slowly, many times, in a specially designed copper still. It can be compared to when you slowly cook your food at a low temperature. Our method brings the taste, character and depth to the spirit and it's a process that other brands don't bother with. For Purity, every step important because the taste is what matters."

The 600-litre copper still was designed by Leif Nerhammar now in his 80s and who Mathias describes as a genius for his invention of the copper still that enables the multiple distillation process.

Mathias describes himself, not as an entrepreneur, but as a "serial creative doing projects". He's worked in publishing helping create children's literature and cookery books; he has worked in telecoms, concentrating his creativity on intelligent home technology; brand marketing; and he trained as a chef but decided he valued his evenings too much to work anti-social hours. He is the director of the business, which he shares with his father, brother and two sisters.

The contact with the copper during the distillation process still gives the spirits their exceptional smoothness, removing unwanted ethanol notes and creating new taste aromas as the process develops.

The alcohol used is made from a mix of Swedish wheat and malted barley, both grown without chemical cultivation or processing. Purity is also purist about the water used. Whilst many spirits brands use characterless distilled water, which removes any of the natural nuances and minerals that help bring out the complexity of the spirit, the company uses naturally soft Swedish water which contributes to the complex, soft and delicious taste notes and mouthfeel of these liquids. The blueberries and lingonberries used in the gin are Swedish. Where possible the company adheres to green principles: all its energy comes from solar for example.

The brand is already hugely popular in high-end bars and restaurants in the USA and so, as American visitors begin to arrive back in the UK now that travel is permitted once again, those sections of the hospitality trade that cater for USA visitors would do well to list this brand, especially the vodka where it is within the top 10 ultra-premium vodkas and the most sold organic vodka in Florida.

Mathias says: "We serve magical drops made with love."

RRPs start at around £35.00 GBP for both gin and vodka.

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