CardsSafe – Increase Customer Spending

The CardsSafe system is specifically designed to securely retain customer credit and debit cards while the cardholder runs a tab. As a result, staff can securely keep customers’ bank cards while customers enjoy the facilities, allowing the team to up-sell onsite.

The CardsSafe units are wireless, which means they can sit discreetly behind the bar or POS. In addition, the system does not capture data, so it never breaches GDPR.

Major Brands Trust CardsSafe

Over 5000 brands in the UK use CardsSafe. Young’s pubs, Hilton Hotels, Lord’s cricket ground, and many independent restaurants and bars utilise the system.

Benefits to using CardsSafe in bars, restaurants and pubs:

  • Managing customer tabs

  • Helping to increase spending, therefore profits

  • It is a significant deterrent for walkouts

  • Offers customers security against credit card fraud

  • Pays for itself by reducing “call-back” and walkout

  • No data capture is required to use

  • Customers have peace of mind that their bank cards are kept safely and keep the unique key!

“Average spend is up, and chargeback has virtually disappeared after we installed CardsSafe, which really puts our customers’ minds at rest.” Timothy, Young’s Bar Manager

CardsSafe is affordable!

Each CardsSafe unit contains ten card drawers that can be hired for just £9.99 per month. In addition, each hire comes with customer service troubleshooting, free replacement keys, and additional units can be added at any time.

The question is, can you afford not to have CardsSafe as a part of your business?

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