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Brockmans Gin Ltd Appoints New UK Distribution Partner

Brockmans Gin Ltd has announced that the company is forming a new partnership for its UK distribution with the appointment of Proximo Spirits UK Ltd.

Proximo will succeed Amber Beverage UK as the distributor for the Brockmans brand in the UK.

Guy Lawrence, Chief Executive of Brockmans Gin Ltd (pictured), said: "I convey my thanks to Amber Beverage UK for the excellent work the team has undertaken. I particularly pay tribute to them for their efforts during the difficult sales period created by the Covid 19 pandemic.

"I am delighted to welcome Proximo Spirits UK Ltd as our new UK distributor with effect from 31st January 2022. This is a positive and exciting move for the next stage of development as our brand continues to grow, in the UK and worldwide."


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