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Brockmans Gin Ltd Appoints Guy Lawrence as CEO as Company Announces £4.6million Investment

Brockmans Gin Ltd, the privately-owned company which owns Brockmans Gin, has appointed Guy Lawrence as its CEO. Guy Lawrence joined the business a year ago as Managing Director and is taking over from co-Founder, Neil Everitt, who remains on the Board and is the Company's largest shareholder. The company has also announced that, in 2020, Brockmans Gin secured over £4.6m of new investment.

Neil Everitt commented: "The appointment of Guy as CEO and this significant investment by our existing shareholders, are both indicative of our confidence in the significant future potential of the company."

Despite a challenging 2020 for the industry, Brockmans Gin continues to develop its brand footprint globally and it now sells in 54 countries, with a particularly strong position in the UK, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Canada. In addition, the brand is growing rapidly in the USA and France.

Guy Lawrence said: "There remains a huge opportunity globally for the Super-Premium Gin category, evidenced by multiple data sources including: IWSR research; market extrapolation; industry investment trends; and customer preference and purchasing patterns.

"We estimate that the overall Super-Premium Gin category will double globally in the next 5 years. Importantly, Brockmans Gin is in great shape. We have weathered the difficult past year successfully and are well positioned to capture a good share of this upside. In the past 10 years we have invested over £25m in marketing to support our growth and we plan to continue this investment"

Brockmans has boosted sales in the UK in recent years as well as developing significant new distribution in key markets including the USA and Canada. In the USA, the brand is distributed by Blue Ridge, with availability now nationwide across 22 states. In Canada, in key provinces including Quebec, the brand is now one of the best performing gins in the category in terms of both volume and growth rates. This highlights the opportunity in the Americas for the Super-Premium Gin category in general and the Brockmans brand in particular.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Europe, strong growth in Switzerland, France and Luxembourg, builds on well-established positions in the UK, Spain and Germany, solidifying Brockmans' position as one of only a small number of global brands in the Super-Premium Gin space.

Guy Lawrence said: "We look forward to seeing a recovery in the hospitality sector on a worldwide basis as Governments begin to control the Covid-19 virus. It has been - and remains - a challenging time for everyone but the brilliant initiatives and ingenuity around the world mean, I believe, that the future is bright. Those consumers who are keen and able to go out to venues once again want and deserve a treat. Super-premium brands such as Brockmans help fulfil that need.

"We are doing all that we can to support the recovery and we thank our customers in both the on-premise and off-premise categories for continuing to support the brand and for their belief in our very distinctive, multi-award-winning gin".


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