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Brixton Brewery Offers Publicans the Chance To Win a Taste of Brixton

Brixton Brewery is launching its latest initiative to support the on-trade sector this autumn, via an exclusive competition for pubs. Renowned for its incredibly diverse food scene, operators across the country will be encouraged to ‘Get a Taste of Brixton’ as the craft beer brand shares authentic recipes from the world-famous Brixton Market and corresponding beer pairings to help pubs upsell and make the most of consumer demand for more premium experiences when dining out. The competition will offer the chance for one operator to win a Taste of Brixton food and beer pairing experience for their customers with a Brixton Brewery ambassador.

The winning pub will also enjoy £200 worth of free Brixton Brewery stock, including kegs of best-selling beers, Coldharbour Lager and Reliance Pale Ale, and a mixed case of cans; helping them drive trial of the South London based brand and stand out from the crowd in a competitive market. Brixton boasts one of the country’s most diverse and exciting food scenes, where you can find an ever-expanding array of cuisines and ingredients from all corners of the world. Brixton Brewery is partnering with local restaurants such as OKAN (Japanese street food), Baba G’s (Indian burgers) and iconic Caribbean restaurant, Fish, Wings & Tings, to share their recipes and allow publicans to bring the Taste of Brixton to their customers. Pub chefs up and down the country will be able to recreate the delicious flavours and pair Brixton Brewery beers with each dish to pack a punch and keep their customers coming back for more.

Brixton Brewery co-founder, Jez Galaun, comments: “We see this competition as a great opportunity for pub owners to try something different and ultimately help them entice people out of their homes and into the on-trade, driving increased footfall. Brixton has always been a welcoming home to migrants and outsiders where music, arts, culture, and food mix - resulting in one of the most dynamic food scenes in London. We are always looking for opportunities to bring people together to share in the flavour of Brixton, wherever they are - so this initiative to bring a Taste of Brixton to more pubs is the perfect way to do this.”

The craft beer segment continues to succeed as value sales rose from 5.3% in 2017 to 7.8% in 2021[1] with 26% of consumers drinking craft more often than a year ago[2]. Craft’s steady performance is largely due to bigger breweries growing share, particularly over the past two years when they were able to give more support to pubs. Craft remains an interesting space and provides operators with the opportunity to grow sales, with familiar brands such as Brixton Brewery tapping into consumers’ demand for trusted and flavourful beers in the on-trade.

To enter the competition, operators simply need to share their details, including pub information, via email to for the chance to win. The competition closes on 21 November 2022.

Terms and Conditions can be found here.

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