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Bring the Outdoors Inside With RÖDER UK

Enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about the weather. RÖDER UK offer a huge range of options that will help you create a stunning event, or utilise your outdoor space all year round.

So you have an event coming up, or you’re just looking to enhance your outdoor offering - could a temporary structure/marquee be the answer? For many events they’re an ideal option for providing a tailored space for guests, visitors, caterers or entertainers. Temporary structure hire will usually cover a large part of your budget, so getting it right is important - after all this may be the base that the other elements of your event are organised around.

The RÖDER product range of high quality, temporary structures and semi-permanent structures includes marquee systems for every occasion. Their markets include events, hospitality, sports, warehousing and even public services including disaster control and relief operations. RÖDER space concepts can be tailored to your precise requirements and offer lots of room for your event, whether you’re planning a party for your clients and business partners or a major event for ten thousand visitors.

Take a look at what they have to offer – you’re bound to find the perfect marquee option for your planned event or if you’re looking to freshen up your outdoor offering.


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