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Black Truffle Negroni – A New Cocktail Recipe From Rock Rose Gin

In October's cocktail hours, your guests may opt for an elegant, dark, and delectable negronis. Autumn is a time of enticing fragrances - wood smoke, leaves underfoot, mists, and mushrooms - so this new cocktail recipe from Rock Rose Gin is bound to appeal. It's a Black Truffle Negroni. Simple to create yet complex in taste, this is a delicious cocktail.

Start by embracing the season with Rock Rose Gin Autumn Edition, one of the four seasonal expressions of this Scottish spirit. Add to this red vermouth and Campari and you have a classic negroni of course, but what makes this extraordinary is the addition of just a touch of truffle oil. That's it. Four ingredients instead of the classic three and your customers have a memorable negroni cocktail to celebrate the best tastes of the season.

Rock Rose Gin Autumn Edition is available direct from Dunnet Bay Distillers, where it is hand-crafted at the UK mainland's most northerly distillery. It is bursting with locally grown blackberries and raspberries and ‘blaeberries'. In line with this distillery's policy of using home-grown or locally foraged, sustainable botanicals wherever possible, the distillery's own geodome provides more botanicals - Scottish-grown Vietnamese coriander and nasturtium flowers - which add to the spicy notes of this extraordinarily fine gin.

Recipe for the Black Truffle Negroni


25ml Rock Rose Gin Autumn Edition

25ml Red vermouth

25ml Campari

Two drops of truffle oil.

Garnish: if price is no object, a slice of black truffle plus a strip of orange zest - otherwise a strip of zest or an elegant wedge of fresh orange.


Mix all the liquids into a mixing glass with plenty of large ice cubes and stir for 30 seconds. Pour into a short glass and garnish as you wish.

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