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Bars Mark Margarita Day With Rooster Rojo Margaritas

Just when everyone felt all the February fun stops with Valentine's Day, along comes International Margarita Day (22 February).

Rooster Rojo Tequila has been supporting a number of UK bars to offer special cocktail serves and promotions to mark the occasion.

Those taking advantage of this opportunity include Freud Café Bars and Galleries in London and Oxford; Lost and Found and 200 Rye Lane in south London; Gonzo's Tea Room and Voodoo Daddy's, both in Norwich; and the Bunk Wings Group with its 3 venues in Nottingham plus bars in Sheffield, Derby and Leicester.

The Bunk Wings Group will be creating a delicious Lychee Margarita with Rooster Rojo Reposado Tequila. Other bars will be serving Rooster Rojo Classic Margarita serves using the brand's Reposado or Smoked Pineapple expressions.

This multi-award-winning spirit is made as premium Tequilas should be - created in Mexico using 100% Blue Agave.

Tina Connolly, Senior Brand Manager at Amber Beverage UK, distributors of Rooster Rojo Tequila, said: "We predict a surge in interest in, and understanding of, tequilas and International Margarita Day provides a perfect opportunity for bars to take advantage of this new wave of interest.

"Not all tequilas are created equal. Just as 20 years ago, people didn't understand gins, but now do, they are set to understand the difference between spirits that are ‘mixto' tequilas (made with only half agave spirit) and the realthing: made with 100% blue agave as Rooster Rojo is. Tequila, when made properly, is for sipping not ‘slamming' and versatile in contemporary and classic cocktails."


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