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Amber Beverage Group Considers €40M Production Facility Investment

Jekaterina Stuģe, Chief Executive Officer of Amber Beverage Group

Amber Beverage Group, the global producer and distributor of fine beverages, is actively considering the possibility of creating a beverage production facility in the Baltics at an estimated cost of €40 million.

Jekaterina Stuģe, Chief Executive Officer of Amber Beverage Group, said: "We have been on a strong growth path. Our existing production facility in Latvia, which produces several of our global brands, will soon reach its maximum production capacity. Our brands are growing, and our growth forecasts indicate that over the next few years we need significantly greater capacity to meet this demand. We are looking to cooperate with state institutions and other parties with a view to determining which of the Baltic countries will be best suited to become our partner for this important strategic development."

The Group owns several companies operating in the Baltic countries: four companies in Latvia, two companies in Lithuania, and two companies in Estonia. "In the last three years, we as a Group have paid over €490 million into the budget of Baltic countries - specifically, over €225 million in Latvia, over €230 million in Lithuania and over €33 million in Estonia. The presence of a production facility in any Baltic country could make a notable contribution to the national economy, local businesses, and to new job creation," Jekaterina Stuģe adds.

"The planned hi-tech production facility will be designed to meet sustainable development standards, which will double our production capacity and promote economic development in the long term," said Arturs Evarts, the Group board member who oversees sustainability.

Amber Beverage Group is a rapidly growing global spirits company, whose products are found in millions of households and venues across the globe. The company has grown from its initial production business established in the Baltics in 1900 to become a global player in the alcoholic beverages sector, employing over 2,000 people. ABG's core brands are Moskovskaya® Vodka, Rooster Rojo® Tequila, KAH® Tequila, The Irishman® Whiskey, Writers' Tears® Whiskey, Riga Black Balsam®, Cross Keys Gin®, and Cosmopolitan Diva®.


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